9 Ways to Take Advantage of Your Garage Space

Taking Advantage of Garage Space As the cost of real estate rises, the garage has become valuable extended square footage. And cars are often left outside in favor of a gym, playroom, or craft areas (Garage History).

Your garage can be used for so much more than just parking your car. With that in mind, Garage Door Repair created an infographic sharing creative ways to take advantage of the space in your garage as long as you are in accordance with your local building codes and permits. View the full infographic. See 9 of those ideas below!

1. Apartment for Lease

Even the tallest SUVs on the market right now don’t exceed seven feet in height. For garages with higher ceilings, that means there is enough vertical space to build a second floor. With a proper renters license, you could lease that space as an apartment – that is if you have the appropriate plumbing for a bathroom and a kitchen.

2. Storage Space

Free up lots of space in your home by creating a storage room in your garage. If the ceilings are not high enough to build a second floor, there are still options. Every enclosed garage has three walls that should allow for shelving or cabinetry. These can be easily installed and used for storing any clutter that currently takes up valuable space in your home. Learn more about stopping garage clutter.

3. Office

Use the space to get some work done. Lay carpet, paint the walls and possibly add a sky-light for additional light. This will be your new place of concentration especially since it is separated from the chaos going on inside your home.

4. Gym

End that expensive gym membership and never wait in line for the treadmill again! Use your garage as a workout room. Rubber floor tiles can easily be laid to protect the ground from heavy dumbbells. With a few cardio machines, weights, mirrors, and  some music, you have yourself a 24-hour personal fitness center.

5. Playroom

It is not secret that having children essentially means toys and games scattered all through-out the house. Building a safe playroom in the garage is a great way to keep all of the building blocks, dolls, and toy trucks in one area.

6. Greenhouse

For less than $3,000 you could completely transform your garage into a greenhouse. Visit your local greenhouse supply store for guidance on installing proper ventilation, paneling, and drainage.

7. Sunroom

Another fun option for completely converting your garage is to make it a relaxing sunroom. New windows and skylights coupled with cozy furniture will turn this room into your favorite place to either entertain guests or spend alone curled up with a good book.

8. Movie Theater

Instead of spending a fortune at the movie theaters, design your garage as your personal movie theater. Do this by setting up rows of seats and purchasing either a projector or a large television screen. Eventually you could even add surround sound or buy an old-fashioned popcorn popper for the real movie theater effect.

9. Community Gatherings

Garages can be perfect meeting spots for book clubs, neighborhood organizations, or even social gatherings. Arrange the space with plenty of furniture, making sure there is ample seating and table surfaces for food and beverages including a bar with a mini-refrigerator would certainly make it a fun place to spend time.


For more ideas, or further inspiration check out the before & after pictures for 3 Garage Makeovers.

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