Adding a Porch or Patio on to Your Garage

Blue Sky Builders garage patio or porchPerhaps thoughts of Southern homes with white columns come to mind when you think of porches. A porch can make just about any structure look better, whether it is a house, a garage, or even a shed. When attached as part of the garage, a screened-in porch allows homeowners to enjoy the outdoors in the spring, summer, or fall in Illinois while avoiding bugs. Patios have also become popular this past year, especially with many people entertaining family and neighbors outside due to COVID-19 restrictions. With a portable or built-in firepit, a patio adjacent to your garage can be the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long workday or on the weekends. 

Expanding Your Gathering Places

Using your garage as part of your outdoor living space can be ideal, since you may be able to utilize an available wall or part of the roof. This area may also have an unused part of your yard around it. The following are several different ways you can add on to your garage:

  • Build a patio onto the front of the garage as an overhang covering the doors.
  • Attach a porch to the side of the garage, creating a space for entertaining.
  • Connect a detached garage to your home with a combination patio/walkway.
  • Add on a sunroom or green room to the back or side of your garage.
  • Construct a covered carport space for a second vehicle, or even as the primary space for your main vehicle.

If you are more of a porch person, this structure could be built out in front of your garage doors or on the side of the garage. The porch can also be created by extending the roof of the garage or by adding an overhang that projects out over the driveway. The roof could be supported by columns placed on the sides in the pavement or concrete. French doors are an attractive complement to a porch that can provide easy access in and out of the attached garage.

Another option is to take a multiple-car garage and turn one of the bays into a porch or carport. This can be done by removing the garage door and putting up a wall, windows, or a screen. A carport can be made by knocking out the other two exterior walls, as long as this will be structurally secure and you obtain the proper building permits. The great part about this option is that you already have a concrete foundation poured and a roof overhead. Just put up a ceiling, wire a chandelier in, and you will have a ready-made porch at your disposal.

Patios can be made by pouring concrete or laying stones or bricks to make a flat surface for entertaining. They can be put in the back, front, or side of a garage, basically wherever you have the most space. Although more common in warmer climates, a carport adds protection for an extra vehicle, motorcycle, or even a golf cart. It also allows you the freedom to turn your garage into many different spaces, such as a home office, reading nook, recreational area, workout room, gaming center, and more.

Contact a Chicago Area Garage Builder

Making the most of the space you have available can enhance your home’s property value. This may include building a porch or adding a patio to your garage. The skilled team at Blue Sky Builders has 42 years of experience building and renovating garages of all shapes, sizes, and styles. With everyone spending more time at home, our reputable DuPage County garage remodelers can help you create an indoor or outdoor space attached to your garage. To learn more about the services we offer and to schedule a free estimate, call us today at 630-852-8485.

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