Choosing the Right Windows for Your Garage

Untitled - 2023-12-08T102845.047When it comes to choosing windows for your garage, you will find there are many different factors to consider. Garage windows hold significant sway in both the functionality and visual appeal of the space, offering natural light, ventilation, security, and many other positive benefits. While there are many different types of windows you can choose from, our Chicagoland builders offer six different types of windows for clients to choose from, whether you are looking to build a garage from scratch or you are looking to make updates to an older garage. 

Single-Hung Windows

These windows are made of two sashes where only one is movable, allowing vertical movement on a track or balance system. This type of window is known for its simplicity and affordability compared to other styles. These windows offer easy access for cleaning from inside the garage and provide decent insulation against heat loss/gain when properly sealed. However, they offer limited ventilation control and reduced natural light compared to larger window styles.

Double-Hung Windows

Similar in design to single-hung windows but with increased ventilation flexibility, double-hung windows feature movable top and bottom sashes. They facilitate easier cleaning from inside and come with safety features such as mounted screens on each functional sash. However, the increased functionality comes with a higher cost because of the ability to have more control over airflow and ability to clean.

Fixed Glass Windows

Fixed glass windows are great for aesthetics and natural light but have limitations in ventilation, especially when you want a cooler garage in the summer . Their lack of flexibility prevents airflow, impacting the garage’s temperature. Despite their drawbacks in ventilation, these windows excel in enhancing security and providing insulation by eliminating movable parts and potential air gaps, which can make your garage vulnerable to break-ins. While they are great for security measures and insulation, their inability to facilitate airflow might be a trade-off to consider based on your needs.


Sliding windows are great because they slide horizontally and offer a wide view, saving space and making cleaning easy. However, they might not be the best for energy efficiency due to their larger frames, potentially letting air in and affecting insulation. Plus, their design might make it easier for intruders to see through and potentially break into, so you might need extra security measures for these types of windows. These are some of the best visual windows however, due to the wide view they typically provide.

Casement Windows

Casement windows open outward like a door, offering excellent ventilation and natural light transmission. They are energy-efficient and easy to clean but require adequate clearance outside the garage and have limited design options.

Awning Windows

If you need windows that provide exceptional rain protection while maintaining good security measures, then awning style is the kind for you. Their unique design creates an awning effect, preventing rainwater infiltration into your garage. This setup also ensures better privacy compared to other styles, even when opened, as they do not expose much of the interior space. However, their top-hinged positioning might limit visibility when partially opened and create a narrower viewable area when fully opened.

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