Creating the Perfect Garage for the Car Enthusiast

Blue Sky Builders garage improvements for auto enthusiastsSince people often use their garages to park their vehicles, this is the perfect area to work on your car. However, most garages are oriented around storage, so if you will be spending time there while completing your work, you may want to make a few upgrades. Whether you are planning to restore a vintage automobile, looking to make improvements to a vehicle used for racing, or simply want a space where you can perform regular maintenance and tune-ups, you will want to consider installing new equipment or upgrading your garage’s existing features.

Options for Improvements to Your Garage

To create a space where you will be able to perform auto work in your garage year-round, you may want to address:

  • Flooring – Working on cars can cause damage to a concrete garage floor if heavy parts or tools are dropped or because of leaking oil or other fluids. To protect your floor, you may consider adding epoxy or polyurea coating, or you could install floor tiles. This will not only protect against damage, but it will make the floor easier to clean. You may also want to consider installing a drain in your garage floor if you do not have one already, especially if you plan to wash and clean your car inside your garage.
  • Lighting – You need to be able to see what you are doing when working on your car, and by adding bright lighting, you can make the space much more welcoming and convenient. You may also consider installing windows to increase the natural light in your garage.
  • Electrical wiring - Depending on the types of tools you plan to use, you may need to install new wiring and outlets that will be able to provide the power you need. Air compressors or arc welders may require 220-volt outlets, and installing additional 110-volt outlets can ensure that you will be able to power all of your equipment.
  • Tool storage – You may use a variety of different tools when working on your car, so you will want to install storage solutions that will allow you to keep your equipment organized properly while making sure it is easily accessible. A tool bench and tool cabinet can be good solutions, and shelving or wall-mounted hooks can be used to store larger pieces of equipment.
  • Car lift – Being able to safely work underneath your vehicle is essential, and installing a hydraulic lift will allow you to raise your car up and give you easy access to its undercarriage. If your garage has a low ceiling, you may be able to use a mid-rise lift that will raise your car a few feet off the ground and provide the space you need to perform work.
  • Heating and cooling – Maintaining a comfortable temperature in your garage will allow you to work on your vehicles throughout the year. Installing insulation will help regulate the temperature, while heaters can provide warmth during the winter, and fans or air conditioners can help cool off the space during the summer.

Contact Our Chicago Area Custom Garage Experts

At Blue Sky Builders, we can help you determine the best options for getting the most use out of your garage as you work on your car. We will help you make improvements and install the equipment you need. For a free estimate, contact our DuPage County garage renovation professionals at 630-852-8485.

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