Custom Garage Feature: Dormers

dormerDormers are an excellent upgrade to a new or existing garage. Built on the roof of your garage, dormers sit and allow light to enter the structure. This is helpful for garages that are not set up with electricity, and for garages that have lofts or extra living areas above them. A loft above your garage can be a great way to add additional storage place to your home, or to add extra livable square footage in the form of a guest apartment, office, or playroom. Dormers allow wonderful natural light into the space, helping you save on utility bills, and also provide the space above your garage with a nice view.

Modern homeowners are increasingly choosing to add dormers above their garage, and there are a variety of dormer types you can choose from. As a general rule of thumb, the type of dormers you choose for your garage should match any existing dormers on your home, to keep the aesthetic consistent. Additionally, if you choose to install multiple dormers above your garage, the size of each dormer should be the same. There can be exceptions to these rules, and the custom garage builders at Blue Sky Builders can help you with choosing which style and size of dormers to install above your garage. Ready to explore a few common dormer styles?


Gable dormers are a popular and commonly used choice, thanks to their simplicity and ability to fit well with many different architectural styles. Gable dormers can add a lot of vertical headroom, and two or more can easily be installed. In fact, many homes feature four and even five gable dormers across their roofs.


Shed dormers are another excellent dormer option. A small shed dormer can be installed simply to add a little light to your garage, or you can choose a larger shed dormer that can turn the space above your garage into a true second story.


With a hipped dormer, the roof of the dormer slants backwards on it’s back, front, and sides, adding a clean look to the top of a garage. Hip dormers work best on roofs that are hipped themselves. This type of dormer is nearly as common as gable dormers, and they often utilized in wind or hurricane risk areas due to their sturdiness.

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