Different Styles of Garages

Blue Sky Builders garage style hip garage gable garageA garage can have many purposes. Whether you are hosting the ideal social gathering, using your space as a game room, storing household items, or simply parking your car at night, you want your garage to look its absolute best. As the spring weather arrives in the Chicago and DuPage County area, you may be planning to renovate or rebuild your garage. There are several different styles of garage, and choosing the style that works best for you is one of the key decisions in creating a great-looking garage that meets your needs.

Gable Style Garage

The gable garage is one of the more common garage styles, and it matches the roof style of many homes. This type of garage has a sloping roof on two sides, creating a triangular appearance on the side where the garage door is located and allowing for customization such as windows and trim.
A gable garage is typically less expensive than a hip garage, because it does not require as much roofing materials. However, gable garages tend to be less durable than hip garages. Gable garages can be beneficial in Illinois, since they provide very good protection against rain and snow.

Hip Style Garage

The hip style garage features a pyramid-style roof that slopes down on all four sides. This type of garage tends to be more expensive to build than the gable style garage, because it requires more materials and has a more complex structure. Hip roofs tend to be sturdier than gable roofs, providing more protection against strong winds. A hip style roof is often used for one-car garages without very many architectural features.

Reverse Gable Style Garage

A reverse gable garage is the same as a regular gable garage, but the garage door is located under the edge of the roof rather than along the gable side of the garage. Reverse gable style garages are often used to match a home’s style, and these types of garages can also provide a unique design that stands out next to traditional gable garages and hip garages. A reverse gable style garage could add to your home’s curb appeal, depending on the architectural features of your house.

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