Fall Cleaning Tips to Get Your Garage Winter Ready

Untitled - 2023-10-11T092726.614It is that time of the year again when homeowners begin preparing their homes for winter. While it is important to pack away summer essentials such as camping gear, pool accessories and outdoor furniture, it is just as important to pay attention to decluttering and cleaning your garage. Not only does this create a tidier space for parking your vehicles when the snow starts to fall, but it also ensures that everything is organized and accessible for the winter season. 

Clear Out Unwanted Items

Decluttering your garage is the first step in preparing it for the fall and winter seasons. Get rid of items that you no longer need, including old or worn-out outdoor equipment, garden tools, and sporting equipment. Take time to assess the items in your garage and sell, donate or dispose of those you no longer need. Taking the time to sell, donate, or responsibly dispose of these items will provide ample space and easier access for necessities such as snow blowers, shovels, and winter sports equipment.

Store Summer Items Appropriately

Summer items such as pool accessories, gardening tools, and outdoor furniture should be cleaned, dried, and stored appropriately to prevent damage during the winter months. This can be done by labeling boxes or storage containers and grouping them accordingly. It is challenging to find what you need when everything is scattered and thrown haphazardly. A well-organized space not only prevents chaos but also ensures that you can swiftly locate and store your summer essentials. By neatly categorizing and labeling your belongings, the process of finding and putting away summer items becomes not only convenient but also efficient, making the seasonal transition a seamless experience

Clean and Inspect Your Garage

Cleaning your garage is critical before storing items away for winter. Dust and sweep the floors, wipe down storage bins and shelves, and clean out gutters and windows. Check for any cracks or leaks that may permit cold air into the garage during winter, making it colder than necessary. Fix any issues you find to ensure that you keep your garage warm enough to store valuables that may otherwise be damaged by the cold.

Prepare Your Tools and Equipment

Once you have decluttered, cleaned, and organized your garage, it is time to prepare for winter tools and equipment. It is essential to bring in any outdoor tools and equipment such as mowers, trimmer and blowers, and clean them thoroughly before storage. To avoid damage from cold weather, complete any necessary maintenance and use fuel stabilizer to help prevent moisture accumulation and fuel breakdown. 

Upgrade Storage Where Necessary

Upgrade your space by incorporating new shelves, cabinets, or purpose-built storage units. These additions not only optimize your storage space but also enable a more systematic arrangement of your belongings. Creating designated areas for specific items ensures an organized environment. Additionally, consider establishing a designated parking space for winter vehicles within the garage. This thoughtful arrangement not only safeguards your vehicles from weather-related damages but also contributes to maximizing the available space for other storage needs.

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Preparing your garage for winter should always be on your to-do list in the fall. It will save you a lot of headaches, time, and money by protecting your garage and equipment from winter-related damages. Remember that organizing, decluttering, and cleaning is critical, and it is essential to bring in outdoor tools and equipment and prepare your space for winter equipment. If you have any questions about your garage or if you need more organization and cleaning tips, you can contact our skilled Downers Grove, IL custom garage builders at (630) 852-8485.

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