From Garage to Football Den

DENFor many Americans, the arrival of fall means one important thing. Football season is back. If your home does not feature a giant plasma screen television, or a man cave for your football viewing pleasure, you may be wondering where you’ll be watching the action this season. Rather than fight for a seat at the bar, and be forced to sit next to obnoxious fans of the other team, take a look at the space within your own home. Many homeowners do not get much use out of their garages during the winter. Do not let that prime space go to waste. This fall is the perfect time for you to transform that cold, unused space into the football watching den of your dreams. Here’s how:

Prepare Your Space

Initially, your garage may seem like too rough of a space to be converted into a comfortable lounging area. Many garages feature dirty concrete floors, unorganized tools and junk, and paper thin walls and doors. You do not want to invite your friends into a dirty, drafty space to watch the game. Instead, start early with garage organization. If you are like most people, your garage may have become the junk collecting space of your home. Start by sorting everything within the garage. Toss anything that does not have a purpose. Find simple storage options for your tools, kids sporting equipment, bikes, and anything else in your garage. Look for options that are easy to use and easy on the eyes. Nobody wants to relax and watch football in a cluttered space.

Once you have tidied and organized your garage, the next step is properly winterizing it. While the weather may be more forgiving during early September and October games, you will be in the midst of full blown winter come Super Bowl time. You will want to properly insulate your garage and transform it into a warm, cozy space. Ensure that your walls are properly insulated, and consider either insulating your garage door or purchasing a pre-insulated door. Also be sure that the ceiling of your garage is accounted for as well, as lots of heat escapes upwards.

Next, you can focus on your cold, concrete garage floor. If your garage is warm enough after insulating the walls and ceiling, you may be able to get away with a simple paint job. Consider painting the floor with the colors of your favorite team. Check in at your local hardware store and ask about paint specifically made for concrete. If the concrete is too cold and unwelcoming, explore flooring options. If you are hoping to convert your space cheaply, some nice rugs can do the trick. Installing flooring in your garage is also an option, but can be more costly.

Fill the Space

Finally, the fun part. Now that you have cleaned, organized, and winterized your space, it is time to fill the room. No football game is complete without comfy furniture, so be sure to shop for couches, lounge chairs, coffee tables, etc. If you are working within a budget, consider using leftover furniture that is not being utilized in your home. Also check out thrift stores and garage sales. The only thing that really needs to be “nice” in this space is your TV, so do not hesitate to purchase cheaper furnishing.

Speaking of televisions, you cannot forget one of those. Flat screen televisions are not terribly expensive anymore, and this is the piece it is recommended you go all out on. Find a television that meets your needs and fits in your space. Typically, the bigger and newer the model, the higher the price. If you are sticking to a budget, check Craigslist or the sale section at electronics stores. Remember to contact your television provider to ensure that you have the proper channels to access the games you want to watch. Nothing is worse than creating a beautiful football den, only to find out your game is only available on a channel you do not have.

Decorations and Extras

No football den would be complete without massive amounts of football paraphernalia. You want your guests to know exactly which teams you are rooting for this season. Look for posters, magazine covers, jerseys, or anything to show your loyalty and dedication. There are many different options depending on your budget. Consider ordering swag from your favorite teams websites, or simply frame sporting magazine covers featuring your favorite athletes.

For some, comfortable couches and a large television are the only necessary ingredients for a perfect “man cave.” If your room is still feeling incomplete, or you are left wanting more, consider some extra additions to your space. If you have still got room in your budget, you may be interested in purchasing a mini fridge for drinks, or a microwave for your cheesy chips and dip. Explore online and in appliance stores for amazing extras that will turn your garage into the neighborhood football hangout.

Finally, you will have your own perfect space to cheer on your favorite team. No more ordering pay per view or dashing down to the local bar. Now the best place to watch the game is only a few steps from the kitchen.

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