Garage Storage for Bicycles: 3 Options to Save Space

Bike Storage TipsBrace yourself, winter is coming.  More than a quote from a TV show turned internet meme; winter is actually coming.  With this comes less need for summer items such as bikes, patio furniture, bags sets (cornhole boards), kayaks, fishing gear, and grills.  However, much of this takes up space, and seemingly takes up more space than last year.  A seemingly bulky option that needs storage is the bicycle. We will share with you 3 space saving options for storing your bike in your garage this winter.

Garage Bicycle Storage

It’s understandable that some of us may be riding this winter; but for the casual rider, the winter is not the time to go riding.  This means that you need to find storage for an item that generally sits 3 feet high and 4-5 feet wide.

Before considering the basic hook around the tires approach or dark corner of the garage, remember that an extended period of contact with freezing concrete does not benefit the tires.  However, if you don’t want to take the indoor trainer option, you need a safe and effective storage option that will allow you to start spring with little more than a tune-up.

Sounds tough, right?  Not with the following storage ideas:

1. Wall Storage

The wall is a great storage option for single bikes. You can build your own:

Homemade Wall Bike Storage
Courtesy Sightline Daily

or Purchase a kit.  Many good options are available from REI or the Home Depot.  Simple options could be for purchase that store one, two, or four bikes.

2. Ceiling Storage

Common options are easily available that keep the bicycle securely hoisted overhead.  Generally more expensive but also built to fit more bikes, these save you wall space and allow you parking underneath.

Ceiling Pulley Sysem Bike Storage

3. Frame Storage Options

Maybe the wall option and the ceiling option aren’t for you.  Available for purchase are frames built to hold multiple bikes but also be movable as needed.  these are the least permanent options but make sense for temporary use.  See below:

Storing Bike Frame in Winter

We thank the Daily Sightline for sharing these images and welcome you to head over to their blog for more inspiration surrounding bicycle storage.

We also would like to share with you the basics of winterizing a bicycle.

Looking for more Storage Advice? We’ve compiled the following resources to improve your garage storage success.

There are many more options for storing a bicycle in the winter, but these three are the most common and easily attainable with winter right around the corner.  As the winter months come, we will continue to share storage ideas and garage winterization tips.

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