Has Your Garage Roof Taken a Beating this Winter?

Garage SnowIt’s over. Winter is finally over. Winter has been tough this year, but as residents of Chicago and the Chicago Suburbs, we’ve made it through. From the freeze-thaw cycle in late fall to the wet, heavy snow that hit us in January, to the freeze-thaw cycle that has hit us once again in March, we’ve all made it, but what about our roofs?

Freeze/Thaw and Heavy Snow Damage

Roof damage—especially in garages—can become a much larger problem as years pass. Freezing and thawing, just as it affects the roads on which we drive, affects the shingles on our roofs.

Understandably, homeowners will not face potholes per se, but shingles could pop off, roofs could see damage, weak points could occur, and a 2016 snowfall could result in leaks or collapse.

The damage can be caused by any number of factors, alone or combined, that could contribute to the slow destruction of your roof. These factors include

  • Freeze/Thaw cycle causes cracks to form under shingles
  • Increased Weight caused by wet snow and ice puts additional pressure on a roof
  • Insulation could become moist or wet and degrade, losing effectiveness and resulting in higher heating bills
  • Ice Dams could form at the edge of the roof as ice melts and refreezes lower on the roof.

If you are worried about the damage that this, last, or any other winter has caused, contact Chicagoland Custom Garage Builder (as well as roofer, entry door installer, window provider and more) Blue Sky Builders for an inspection and repair to your roof. Learn more about our siding and roofing services, as well as the many other services that we offer to homeowners throughout the Chicagoland area.

We offer free estimates, but with such high demand, the best way to ensure the safety of your roof is to contact us as soon as possible.

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