How to Improve Your Garage By Adding an Entry Door

Blue Sky Builders garage entry doorMany garages today are utilized differently from how they were in the past; no longer are these structures only used to park cars, hold overflow items, or store lawn equipment and tools. Ranging from a stand-alone unit to an extension of a house, garages today are being converted into living spaces, home offices, and even “man-caves”. Regardless of a garage’s use, the functionality of an entry door can provide a multitude of benefits. If this type of door is not already in place, installing one can provide the following benefits:

Reducing Maintenance

Whether you need to do laundry, park a car, or access your home office, your garage door may be opening and closing more frequently than you would think. However, it does not always make sense to open this large door every time you would like to access your garage. A garage door is a delicate piece of equipment weighing hundreds of pounds. Regular use can cause wear and tear, and providing maintenance can only help so much before repairs or replacement are required. Adding an entry door to use when coming in and out of your garage can help you extend the longevity of your garage door.    

Protecting Against the Elements

Garages are built to provide shelter and to protect the contents within from the outside weather. Opening a large garage door widens the area in which the outside elements can gain entry. Every time a garage door is opened, the contents inside can be exposed to rain, sleet, snow, dust, mud, wind, bugs, and wildlife. In addition, factors such as heatwaves and cold temperatures should also be considered. Paying for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning can be quite expensive on those hot summer days or cold winter nights. Allowing heat to flow into or out of the garage door every time it is open could result in higher bills. As a much smaller opening, an entry door can help limit exposure to outside weather when entering or exiting your garage.

Adding Value to the Home

Accessibility, lower service costs, design, and functionality are all thoughts that go through the head of any individual that is looking to renovate a garage. Putting in the effort to make your garage up to date will help increase the value of the garage, make future improvements easier, and result in more satisfaction with your home. A simple modification can truly go a long way.

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