How You Can Use Your Garage to Operate a Small Business

DuPage County custom garage builders for small businessesUnemployment rates have increased significantly during the coronavirus pandemic, and many Illinois residents are trying to figure out ways to weather this difficult economic situation and keep food on the table. While using your garage as a living space during this time can provide some benefits for your family, there are also some productiveand lucrativeways to use that space as well. During the Illinois Stay-at-Home Order, a custom garage built for your small business could be just the thing you need to get back on your feet.

Types of Businesses You Can Run Out of Your Garage

Just about any business can begin in a garage, and major companies such as Apple, Amazon, and Disney all started from this unique part of the house. During these challenging times, it is especially important to put careful thought into what types of businesses you can run out of this space. What is essential? What do people need or want right now? There are two main categories of businesses that may be uniquely situated for success:

  • Businesses that provide essential services that everyone needs.
  • Businesses that support people in staying occupied during the Stay-at-Home Order. While not essential, these businesses can provide people with the products and services that will help them maintain their physical and emotional health and stability during this time.

5 Inventive Ways to Make a Profit from Your Garage

Provided you make sure that your business is within the guidelines of the Stay-at-Home Order, you could start up any of the following businesses in your garage:

  1. Pet Grooming—While pet grooming was not considered an essential business during the initial stay-at-home order, the month of May marks the legal loosening of that restriction. Businesses can now offer pet grooming without penalties, as long as they follow proper safety precautions. If you build out your garage with plumbing, sinks, and any other necessary utilities, you could have a hugely in-demand business up-and-running in no time.
  2. Tutoring—Many young students have been out of school due to the crisis, leaving some teaching duties up to their parents. By starting your own tutoring business out of your garage or offering tutoring remotely through video conferencing technology, you can help both parents and children with their educational needs.
  3. eCommerce—Products can be sold on a wide variety of websites, such as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. You can store the products you create or produce in your garage, and you can also use this space to process and ship orders.
  4. Repair Services—Computers, smartphones, tablets, printers, vacuum cleaners, TVs, stereos, cars, bicycles…you name it, and it can probably be repaired in your garage. With more people at home, many are using these items more often than usual, and you can fill a need by repairing devices or refurbishing products and selling them online. Your garage can provide the space you need to store and repair all sorts of items.
  5. Podcast Host/YouTube Influencer—If you convert your garage into a recording studio, you can use the time when you are at home to launch your own podcast or another similar media endeavor. This will satisfy your creative impulses, and you may be able to sell recorded music online or generate interest in your podcast or YouTube channel through social media.

Contact a Chicago Area Garage Specialist

With the economic situation unsteady and uncertain, you might find yourself looking for work. Instead of searching for a job through an employer, you may be able to use your garage space to create your own work and start or expand a small business. Call a Downers Grove custom garage expert at 630-852-8485 to learn how Blue Sky Builders can help you create a custom garage to meet your business needs. 


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