Improving Your Home’s Appeal With Garage Door Windows

Blue Sky Builders decorative garage door windowsThere are many ways for homeowners to use their garage, ranging from simply having a place to park cars, to creating a great spot to socialize, to a wide variety of other different ideas. In the Chicago and DuPage County area, the weather is warming up for the spring, and many people may be considering how to improve their garage’s atmosphere by using garage door windows to bring in more light. By adding these types of windows to a garage door, a homeowner can improve their home’s appearance and make it more inviting.

Types of Garage Door Windows

Decorative garage door windows are a great way to enhance the design of a garage. These windows can brighten the interior of the garage, complement the rest of the décor of the home, and provide personal privacy through the use of opaque glass. Decorative windows can be added to an existing garage door, or a homeowner may wish to replace their garage door with one that includes windows that match the style of the rest of their home.

Garage door windows are typically made with safety glass that has been toughened, along with secure frames surrounding the windows and trim inserts that can be customized to match the garage door. In addition to providing more natural light in the garage, these windows can greatly enhance a home’s curb appeal.

Glass upgrades can be used to enhance the look, feel, and strength of garage door windows. Some of these upgrades include tempered glass, clear lexan, solar bronze glass, and insulated glass. The benefit of using tempered glass is that safety will be enhanced with a material that will keep the glass from splintering if the window is broken. Clear lexan is a flexible alternative that is durable and shatter resistant. Solar bronze glass will protect the garage from ultraviolet rays. Insulated glass helps conserve the most amount of energy in the home, making it a great solution for homes in Illinois which experience cold winters.

Call Blue Sky Builders

If you are considering adding decorative windows to your garage door, Blue Sky Builders can answer your questions and help you choose and install the windows that provide the best appeal and functionality for your garage. For over 39 years, we have helped our DuPage County area clients create custom garage solutions that fit their needs. For more information on garage windows, garage doors, and other improvements to your garage, please contact us at 630-852-8485 today. To view some of the great custom garages that we have created, please visit our gallery.

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