More Custom Garage Features: Specialty Siding, Aluminum Trim, and Gutters

STGAre you ready for a new garage? At Blue Sky Builders, we have years of experience helping Illinois residents build the garage of their dreams. Our team of garage specialists offers garages in a variety of sizes and designs depending on your needs, and we offer a wide variety of custom garage features to help you build the perfect garage for your property. This week we are filling you in on three of our very popular garage features – aluminum trim, specialty siding, and gutters. Custom garage features like these can improve the aesthetic and functionality of your garage.

Specialty Siding

Our customers are constantly looking for ways to improve the look and durability of their garage. In response, we offer a wide variety of siding options, from common choices like lap siding and metal, to specialty choices like vinyl fish scale siding and cedar shakes. Both cedar shake and vinyl fish scale siding can be used as accents in addition to your primary garage siding, or they can be installed as the primary siding of your garage.

Cedar shakes can add charm and character to your garage, and with cedar shakes available in fake wood that looks truly authentic, they avoid the potential of rotting and requiring maintenance. Cedar shake siding is also easy to install and typically comes pre-primed, ready to paint, and easily maintained.

Vinyl fish scale siding is another great choice. Vinyl fish scale siding comes in a variety of colors, is easy to install, and its subtle dimension and soft curves add an attractive touch to the architectural style of your garage. Both of these specialty siding options can be a nice addition to your garage, either as your structure’s primary siding or as an added visual touch such as accenting a gable.

Aluminum Trim

Another custom garage feature that we offer is aluminum trim. Wrapping the exterior trim of your garage in aluminum can be beneficial for many reasons. This type of trim is completely weather-proof, meaning you will not have to worry about your wooden trim being exposed to any harsh weather and potentially rotting.

Aluminum trim comes in a variety of colors, and holds onto its color well, so you will not need to do any future painting or touch ups to keep it looking it’s best. Keep in mind however, that aluminum trim is best suited for new woodwork. If the wooden trim of your garage already contains moisture, the moisture could be trapped in by the aluminum, potentially causing more harm than good. It is always beneficial to consult one of our garage specialists before making any major changes to your garage to ensure you are making the right choice.


In many climates, gutters are more of a necessity than a specialty feature. If you want your garage to remain in good working order and hold up against the Illinois elements, gutters are likely needed. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not have gutters that are installed properly, and in some cases, gutters can do cause damage if the water is not routed far enough away from the structure.

When installed and functioning properly, gutters can help keep water away from your garage and its foundation, prevent erosion, stop water damage to your garage’s siding, keep your driveway from cracking, and protect your garage door. A good gutter system should reroute all water away from your structure. While gutters do require maintenance to ensure they remain in proper working condition, the team at Blue Sky Builders ensures that each gutter we install is in ideal condition and installed properly as to best protect your garage.

Why Blue Sky Builders?

At Blue Sky Builders, our customers are our number one priority. We have been building dream garages for Illinois residents since 1979 and are here when you are ready to get started on yours. Call 630-852-8485 today or visit Blue Sky Builders online to learn more about the wide variety of services we have available. Also be sure to check out our custom garage feature online gallery to review the many specialty features we offer.

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