Storing and Maintaining Snow Removal Equipment in Your Garage

Blue Sky Builders storing snow removal equipment in your garageDuring the winter in the Chicago area and DuPage County, we often experience unexpected changes in the weather. Sudden snowfall can be difficult to deal with, so it is always a good idea to make sure that your snow removal equipment is easily accessible and ready to use. Here are some tips for organizing and maintaining your snow removal equipment in your garage:

Storing and Organizing Shovels

Snow shovels come and many shapes and forms, and you will likely have more than one shovel which you keep in your garage, along with other shovels, rakes, and yard equipment. Installing a rack to store snow shovels and other equipment is a great way to ensure that these items will be easily accessible. During the winter, snow shovels can be stored in the front of the rack, and other items can be kept in the back until they are needed. If you have children, you may want to install hooks to keep the equipment secure.

Keeping a Snowblower Maintained

During every winter season, it is a good idea to change the oil in your snowblower and replace the spark plug, ensuring that the engine will be able to start and run properly. Stocking up on spare snowblower parts is also a good idea, allowing you to keep the machine working if any parts fail. Since fasteners tend to loosen when a snowblower is used regularly during the winter, take the initiative to tighten the fasteners after using the snowblower. Finally, be sure to check the snowblower’s tires regularly to ensure that they do not become worn out and lose traction.

Storing Salt and Ice Melt

It is important to properly store salt or other ice melt compounds in your garage, ensuring that they do not degrade or harden. If packages of ice melt have not been opened, they can be kept in the garage throughout the winter and other seasons. However, ice melt packages that have been opened should be kept in airtight containers in humidity controlled environments, avoiding degradation from moisture and air.

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