Troubleshooting Tips for a Garage Door that Suddenly Stopped Working During the Summer

Untitled (12)As the summer heat intensifies, your garage door may encounter various issues that require your attention. Whether it is the metal warping, springs breaking or your sensors are not working properly, the timing is never ideal for your garage door to break. While dealing with a damaged garage door can be frustrating, there are some solutions that may be easier than you think. Taking the right steps can help to fix your garage door in no time.


Check the Door Springs:

One of the most important components are the garage door springs. The high temperatures in the summer can cause these components to expand, which then decreases their functionality. As your springs are used repeatedly, this can compound and potentially lead to breakage or a decrease in their functionality. If your door is refusing to open, it’s wise to start by inspecting the door springs. This simple yet effective troubleshooting step can help identify and address the issue at hand. If the springs are causing your garage door to malfunction, contact an expert technician to replace them immediately.


Get Rid of Dirt and Debris:

A common factor that can cause problems with your garage door is the accumulation of dirt and debris on the tracks. The increased humidity during summer months can cause build up on the tracks, which can cause your door rollers to get blocked or to be misaligned. Cleaning all tracks thoroughly with a clean cloth or brush should allow for the door to move properly. Regular maintenance of your tracks will help to ensure that your garage door stays in proper condition.


Inspect the Sensors:

Garage door openers depend on sensors to identify and detect any obstructions that may be obstructing the door’s path. Another function of these sensors is to stop the door mechanism from opening when there’s something in the way. The sudden stop during the door’s movement can cause the spring to break or wear out over time. If you notice that your garage door is opening or closing suddenly when it should not, consider cleaning your sensor. If the issue persists after cleaning, it is advisable to contact a professional garage technician for assistance.


Lubricate Parts of the Garage Door:

Since high temperatures can cause your garage door parts to expand, you should ensure that all the moving parts are well lubricated to reduce friction. Ensure smooth operation of your garage door by lubricating its various components, such as the rollers, track, hinges, and door motor. If you notice that your garage door has been making more noise than usual, this can address this issue. For optimal results, use a non-stick silicone lubricant at least once a year as regular garage door maintenance. 


Contact our Chicago Area Garage Professionals

You never know when your garage door might stop working unexpectedly during summer months. With regular maintenance, timely repairs, and proper cleaning, your garage door can keep performing optimally, even during summer heat. For any type of garage maintenance or renovation, contact our DuPage County garage professionals by calling (630) 852-8485 or filling out our online contact form.


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