Two Schools of Thought: Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement

How to Replace a Torsion SpringPicture this: You walk into your garage in the morning, hit the garage door opener button, and—snap—your garage door torsion spring just snapped. Now what?

If you’re like most, you will head to Google, type in something along the lines of “Broken Garage Door Spring,” “Garage Door Spring Repair,” or “What to do When Your Garage Door Spring Breaks.”

Of course, when you head to Google, you will see two generic schools of thought interspersed on the first few pages:

  • Pages that recommend that only a qualified technician work on your garage door torsion spring.
  • Pages that recommend that you can do it yourself

Both sides of this argument are trying to sell you something, whether it be the service itself, or the parts and tools needed to attempt to repair your garage door torsion spring.

We could easily tell you, as a company that services garage door openers and torsion springs that replacing said torsion spring is a confusing, dangerous, and complicated process that could result in a hospital trip (Same advice if you’d like an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle: You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out).

However, with YouTube and available to show you how to replace it, we can’t argue with your desire to save money and feel handy.

You were going to find them anyway. Now that you’ve taken the time to watch and read, we have a few questions.

Are you:

  • Sufficiently confused?
  • Wondering about what size torsion spring you need?
  • Concerned about the fact that:
    • You will be waiting for a company to ship you materials?
    • You will have a hard time finding a company that will sell a torsion spring to an amateur?
  • Worried about unwinding a cable under intense pressure?

If you feel confident in your ability to follow every step perfectly, you’ll have your nonrefundable (All Sales Final) torsion spring kit in the mail in about three business days (via Garage Door Nation FAQ).

Then, you can start the process of the repair, which will take a few hours if you do it right.

How to Be 100% Positive Your Spring Replacement Goes Smoothly

Sit back, grab a beer, and let Blue Sky Builders replace your garage door torsion spring. Contact us today.

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