Types of Garages: Gambrel Garages

Custom Gambrel Garage Chicago In our three-part garage type series we have been focusing on the different types of garages that are available, details on each type, and real pictures of garages we have built. Our final post will focus on Gambrel Garages.

Garages with a gambrel roof, also known as “barn style”, have a straight ridge in the center like gable garages. However, they differ in that there are two roof sections on each side of a gambrel garage, as opposed to one.  The lower roof section has a steep pitch while the higher roof section has a much shallower pitch.  This greatly maximizes interior space and headroom. Below we will share some advantages of gambrel garages and pictures of gambrel garages we have built in Chicago and surrounding suburbs.

Advantages of Gambrel Garages

Some advantages of gambrel garages include:

  • Because of the shape of the roof, gambrel garages offer the most space
  • Handles wind loads well
  • Again, steep sides allow rain and snow to run off easily

Perhaps the biggest advantage of the gambrel garage is the added space. You receive the maximum amount of usable space, compared to other garage types. In fact, most will even allow for a second floor in the garage.  With the addition of a dormer, such as extending a shed dormer off of the upper roof, you can increase the usable interior space even more.

Gambrel Garage Portfolio

Custom 20 x 20 Gambrel Garage

Garage Types - gambrel Garage

Custom 15 x 24 Gambrel Garage

Custom Gambrel Garage

Custom 16 x 22 Gambrel Garage

Gambrel Garage

Custom 22 x 24 Gambrel Garage

Custom Garage Chicago  

Custom 22 x 24 Gambrel Garage

Gambrel Garage Type

Custom 20 x 24 Reverse Gambrel with Gable Dormer

Custom Reverse Gambrel Garage

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