What Smart Locks Are Available for Garage Entry and Side Doors?

Blue Sky Builders garage entry doors smart locksLike seemingly everything else in the world, garage entry doors and their locks are now becoming “smart.” What this means is that new technology is providing better ways to secure your home. One such method is through creating new and better door locks which will connect with your home wifi.

Everyone has had days in which they rush out of the home on the way to work and forget to lock the door. Some have even returned to find that the house has been robbed thanks to their carelessness. New smart technology in indoors and locks can prevent this from happening. Smart locks come with features such as auto-locking, allowing easy access through a smartphone application, and even unlocking the door remotely so that a package can be tucked safely inside. However, there are many smart locks in today’s market. Below we have selected some of the best smart locks on the market to make the decision easier.

Yale Keyless Conexis L1 Smart Door Lock

This smart keyless lock has many features which will update your entry or side doors to the 21st century. It offers a smartphone app to control access, and it also provides tamper alerts, letting you know if an intruder has attempted to gain access to your home. Requiring professional installation, this smart lock also allows the sending of “virtual keys” to the smartphones of friends and family for temporary access.

The August Smart Lock Pro

This smart lock has become popular in apartment complexes, especially in cities. It can be self-installed retroactively by fitting it over a preexisting lock and doorknob. In addition to providing security, this lock can be opened via Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant. This lock is perfect if you are not looking to replace your entire setup.

The Array Lock

This lock is perfect for those looking for a greener solution. It has a solar panel attached to the exterior of the lock to recharge its battery. This lock comes with all of the usual features of a smart lock, including wireless connectivity through a smartphone. It also includes a traditional lock using a physical key for those who prefer to have that option available.

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