Pros and Cons of Garage Door Materials

blue-sky-imageWhen the time comes to start building or redesigning your garage, you will be presented with a variety of styles and options. Deciding what will be the best garage materials may be challenging, especially perhaps the most important piece of the building: the garage door. Garage doors are available in several different types of materials, some of which are more well-known than others. There are pros and cons to each material depending on what you want the overall purpose of your garage to be.

Steel Garage Doors
Pros – These doors are reasonably priced, stable, low maintenance, and are available in multiple styles with or without insulation.
Cons – A steel garage door can be dented easily and is subject to corrosion.

Aluminum Garage Doors
Pros – This material has long-lasting finishes and is similar to steel, but is less expensive.
Cons – Aluminum is less expensive than steel which usually means it is more likely to dent and does not last as long as a steel garage.

Vinyl Garage Doors
Pros – Vinyl requires minimum maintenance and is difficult to dent or break.
Cons – This material is costly and has limited color selections.

Wood Garage Doors
Pros – Wood garage doors come in a variety of styles which can give curb appeal and custom options are available.
Cons – This material requires high maintenance, it is costly, and it has the potential to rot. 

Wood Composite Doors
Pros – A wood composite garage has the strength of a steel garage, can be painted or stained, and is resistant to rot and splitting.
Cons – This material can be costly and is high maintenance-oriented.

Fiberglass Garage Doors
Pros – Fiberglass does not easily rust, can be painted, is resistance to dents, lightweight, and comes in a variety of design options.
Cons – This material can break easily and is frail in extremely cold conditions.

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