3 Ways to Modernize Your Garage

DuPage County custom garage builders smart home technologyAs you make updates and improvements to your home, you should not neglect your garage, and you can take a variety of steps to modernize this space. Doing so involves more than just converting your garage door opener into a smart garage door opener; there are all sorts of other ways to make improvements to your garage, including through smart technology, improved safety, or creative garage renovation ideas.

Update Your Garage With 2020 Trends

You can bring your garage into this high-tech age with a flurry of bold activity if you consider the following methods of modernization:

  • Smarten Up—Make as many things in your garage as possible “smart.” This is especially helpful for people who spend a lot of time in their garages. Here are some examples of smart devices for your garage:
    • Smart Garage Door Openers—Updating to a smart garage door opener can help you keep track of whether your garage door is open or closed, and it will also allow you to open and close it from anywhere in case of emergencies.
    • Smart Locks and Keyless Entry—Updating the locks in the entryway from the garage into the house or the exterior of your house into your garage can allow you to link your doors to your smartphone so that they automatically unlock when you approach. You may also consider using locks that allow for keyless entry by using keypads instead of traditional keys.
    • Smart Light Bulbs and Switches—These devices allow you to control your lights with your voice or your smartphone or set up schedules for when the lights in your garage will turn on. Lights can be synced with other activities, such as when you get home and the garage door opens, or they can be turned on when you are away to scare off burglars.
    • Smart Plugs—Remotely control your garage tools by plugging them into smart plugs in case you need to keep your hands free, conserve energy, or provide added safety.
    • Parking Assistant—Some devices can substitute for solutions such as a hanging tennis ball that shows when you are parked far enough up in the garage by using lasers to ensure that you are parked correctly.
  • Stay Safe—The garage is often the point of entry for home break-ins, so maintaining proper security is essential. Here are some ways to improve the safety of your home and family with a modernized garage:
    • Cameras—Hook up smart cameras or other cameras to the exterior or interior of your garage so that you can monitor all possibly intrusive activity.
    • Floodlights—These could be placed in front of your garage or near the porch to scare away dangerous animals or criminals on the prowl.
    • Intercom—Link this up with the rest of your house and even the outdoors, and you will be able to communicate with your family or guests in case important messages need to be delivered.
  • Renovate and Create Something Great—Garages are not just for cars anymore; consider other exciting ways to customize your garage:
    • Flooring—Replace cracked and stained concrete with something more livable and functional.
    • Walls—Paint or decorate the walls to make it more of a living space than a utility garage.
    • Extra Spaces—Partition parts of your garage and economically use the space in creative ways to expand the garage’s uses and make it more comfortable and more of an extension of your house.

Contact a Downers Grove Custom Garage Professional

In 2020, it is time to give your garage the upgrades it needs to truly adapt to these high-tech times. Whether making your garage smarter, safer, or homier, Blue Sky Builders has you covered with all sorts of garage renovation possibilities. Contact our Chicago area garage renovation experts at 630-852-8485 to learn more about your options.


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