5 Creative Ways to Use Your Garage

Blue Sky Builders garage renovation home gym studioA custom garage can increase your home’s value and provide you with a wide variety of benefits. However, you may not want to fully renovate your garage or convert it into an additional living space, such as an extra bedroom or a home office. Instead, you might just want to figure out what to do with some extra space in your garage. Rather than transforming your entire garage, you can use this space to add some nice touches that will make the garage even more multifunctional.

New and Exciting Ways to Use Your Garage Space

Here are some creative ways to add additional value to your garage, optimize its use, and meet your family’s needs:

  1. Pet Grooming Station—If your garage already has plumbing, it can be easy to adapt the faucet and sink to a station where you can groom your pets. This is especially useful if you have a large dog or more than one dog. With the correct setup, you will be able to give your pets a comfortable space to get their fur cleaned and cut. You may consider installing an oversized sink with a faucet and special nozzles, as well as a pedestal where pets can stand while you shave or brush their fur. You could even arrange for a receptacle to dispose of fur, as well as shelving or storage to keep the grooming tools readily available.
  2. Studio (Recording, Art, Crafts, etc.)—Partitioning the garage to include a studio for all things creative can be a huge benefit to you, your spouse, or your children. Maybe your spouse is an artist whose medium is particularly messy. Perhaps your kids have musical talent or are in a band. You or your family members may even consider starting a podcast. By soundproofing your garage, you can create a practice space and recording studio that will open a world of possibilities. Whether it is for serious music, audio recording, art, or simple hobbies and crafts, creating a studio is a fun way to use your garage’s extra space.
  3. Gardening Shed—If one of you has a green thumb but no storage space for tools and supplies, then converting part of your garage into a gardening shed is a great idea. Since most garages are quite sizeable, you can use this space to store pots, soil, seeds, hoses, mulch, fertilizer, and various gardening tools.
  4. House Storage Overflow—Especially with larger families, you can lose space in your house quickly. Various household supplies may be taking up essential space that could be used for items more suitable to the house itself. Consider adding extra shelving or cabinets to your garage to store all of those overflow items that you do not need right away.
  5. Home Gym—While it might be nice to make your entire garage into a gym or exercise space, that is not entirely necessary. Simply adding a few pieces of exercise equipment to your garage can allow you to use this space to work out, and installing a TV or stereo will make it easy and convenient for family members to exercise regularly.

Contact a DuPage County Garage Renovation Expert

If you want to get more use out of the space in your garage, you can consider multiple creative ways you could make it more functional. Give a Downers Grove custom garage professional a call at 630-852-8485 to figure out the best ways to use your extra garage space. Blue Sky Builders will help you find the custom garage solution that is right for you.

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