Can I Remodel My Garage During the Winter?

Blue Sky Builders winter garage renovationIf you are looking to improve or redevelop your garage, it is important to consider what time of year the project should begin. Although winter may seem like a less than ideal time to start a garage makeover, completing renovations during the colder season will ensure that the finished product will be ready when the warmer months roll around. If you want to enjoy your garage when the weather is nice, a winter remodel may be ideal for you. Before jumping into a garage renovation, it is important to discuss your wants and needs with an experienced garage building expert.    

Why Are Colder Months Good for Renovation?

Depending on what type of remodel you are looking to do, the colder temperature of wintertime can make construction easier. If the ground is frozen, and the air is dry, it will be more ideal to dig a foundation. In addition, it is practical to avoid a muddy ground if you are pouring concrete. One final thought to consider if you start a project in the winter months is that you can avoid the unpredictable weather of the spring and summer months. 

Benefits of a Wintertime Renovation

Garages are often used more frequently in the spring and summer than during the months of November through February. When the weather gets frightful, many people like to stay inside their home rather than utilize tools or other equipment that may be stored in a garage. If your renovation project is completed out of season, your garage can be the ideal summertime location for:

  • Cookouts and parties
  • A work area for cars and other projects
  • A location to store lawn tools, pool equipment, and sporting items

Make Room for Your Car and Winter Items

Before you begin a garage renovation in the winter, it is important to consider how your everyday life may be affected. If possible, you should try to maintain enough room for your car in the garage throughout the renovation. By clearing out space, utilizing efficient storage methods, and understanding your construction needs, you can ensure that you will be able to park your car inside the garage during winter weather. Furthermore, you will want to ensure that you will have access to snow shovels, salt, or other items needed to clear snow or ice, since construction may be tricky if safety concerns are not addressed.  

Contact Our Downers Grove Garage Construction Experts

If you are thinking about customizing your garage, the winter months may be the best season to start your project. Since a garage is typically under-utilized when it is cold out, you can prepare for a time when you will be able to enjoy your garage more fully. If you have any questions or concerns about your garage, or if you need help determining how to implement your garage renovation ideas, Blue Sky Builders can provide insight into your specific needs. To receive a free estimate from one of our experienced DuPage County custom garage professionals, contact our office today at 630-852-8485.  


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