DIY Mechanics and Garage Car Lifts

garage car lift, Chicago garage builderBecoming a “do-it-yourself mechanic” is a growing trend among car owners and enthusiasts alike. For those who enjoy working on cars in a home garage, it can be especially grueling when squeezing between the concrete floor and car for hours on end. For this reason, many do-it-yourselfers install car lifts in their garages. Additionally, car lifts free up space in your garage. If you are a car collector, you can easily shelter two of your cars inside your garage where you would normally only be able to fit one.

Car lifts can run anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 depending on the type of lift you want. Home lifts operate identically to those found in auto shops, and can be made to fit in most types of garages. However, you should be sure to check that your garage is big enough to accommodate a lift. Ideally, your garage should be at least 22 feet deep, 11 feet tall, and your floor should be made of concrete that is 4.5-5 inches thick.

Once you have determined that a car lift is right for your garage, you must now decide on what type of lift you want to install. There are two main categories of home car lifts: “frame engaging” and “wheel engaging.” Frame engaging lifts use arms to grasp the car at a place along the perimeter of the frame of the car. This design leaves the tires dangling and allows for easy wheels-off work on a car’s suspension or brakes. Wheel engaging lifts lift the car up by attaching and supporting its tires. For wheeling engaging lifts, the entire road surface rises. While these lifts aren’t ideal for wheels-off work, they provide better overhead storage of a vehicle and allow plenty of access to a car’s engine and underbody.

While these lifts may seem like a big investment, they certainly are worth removing the pain and frustration of crawling under your car whenever you want to make a fix. For those who do a lot of work on their car, car lifts are a no-brainer.

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