Factors To Consider When Installing a Car Lift In Your Garage

Blue Sky Builders (12)Garage owners who regularly work on their vehicles or simply want more storage space, car lifts provide a convenient solution. It is likely that most people have only seen car lifts in professional vehicle restoration shops, however, they are becoming increasingly common in home garages as well. 

What Are The Benefits of a Car Lift?

Car lifts raise the car above ground level which provides additional room underneath for people to easily work on their car or park additional vehicles. When car lifts are properly installed, they are both safe and useful. When restoring cars, car lifts can make the vehicle’s undercarriage much more accessible, allowing for more efficient repairs

Storage is an additional advantage to a garage car lift. Installing a car lift in a bay of a garage can double the amount of parking space in a garage. Depending on the owner’s preferences, it can also free up a garage bay for workshop purposes. Allowing for additional car spaces in a garage protects investments by providing a safe place to store cars that would otherwise remain in the driveway or on the side of the road. Additionally, if extra parking space is not needed, lifts provide ample space for storing bulky items such as lawn mowers, boating equipment, motorcycles, and bicycles.

What Are The Different Types of Car Lifts?

There are three types of car lifts: scissor, two-post, and four-post.

Scissor car lifts are the least common type of lift. This is a standard lift that helps to better access wheels and brakes for simple vehicle restorations. The least expensive option, scissor lifts are very easy to use, however, they do not allow for feasible access to a vehicle’s undercarriage and are somewhat limited in use.

Two-post lifts are much more common and are a great investment for those who work on their vehicles. While they sport two heavy-duty posts on each side, they typically take up very little space. This type of lift is regularly installed as a permanent addition to the garage and allows users for complete access underneath a vehicle. It is important to note that this type of lift is not meant to hold vehicles or storage for long periods of time.

The third type of lift is a four-post car lift. Equipped with two extra columns, four-post lifts are the most sturdy of the options. This type of lift is ideal for long-term storage and parking. Four-post lifts provide greater stability due to the extra posts, they can also support heavier vehicles like large trucks and SUVs. Although four-post lifts allow for maximum storage space in a garage, they are likely not the best option if you plan on using your garage to work on vehicles.

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If you are considering installing a car lift in your garage, make sure you choose the best lift for your garage and your needs. It is important to understand that each lift has specific garage standards that must be met before the lift can be installed properly, including concrete floor depth and ceiling height.
At Blue Sky Builders, we can help to determine which lift would be the most advantageous for your situation. Contact our DuPage County renovation experts today by calling 630-852-8485.

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