Garage Door Repairs That Are Most Common in Illinois

DuPage County garage door repair professionalsGarage doors are pivotal to the security and functionality of many homes across Illinois. Over time, wear and tear, weather conditions, and daily usage can lead to a range of issues that require repair. For Blue Sky Builders’ clientele, understanding the most common garage door repairs can be beneficial. Here are the three most prevalent repair needs: broken springs, broken cables, and garage door panel replacements.

Broken Spring Repair

Garage door springs are fundamental in balancing the door’s heavy load. There are two types of springs: torsion springs, located on top of the door, and extension springs, located along the tracks on the sides. When these springs fail, the door may be unable to open or close properly.

Signs of broken springs may include hearing a loud bang when the door opens and closes, difficulty operating the door, and visible gaps in the spring coils of the garage. Due to the high tension in the springs, repairs are not a “do-it-yourself” task; they require professional equipment. Blue Sky Builders’ technicians are trained to safely handle and replace the springs, ensuring the garage door functions as smoothly as possible. 

Broken Cable Repair

Cables work along with springs to lift and lower the garage door with ease. Despite being durable, cables can wear out and fray over time, leading to various malfunctions. A broken cable can rapidly cause the garage door to become entirely inoperable.

Indicators of garage door cable issues include uneven door movement, cables hanging loose, or a door that is struck. A professional assessment and repair are crucial, given the risks associated with high-tension components. The professionals at Blue Sky Builders can replace the damaged cables and realign the door, ensuring optimal performance and safety. 

Garage Door Panel Replacement 

Panels can suffer damage from severe weather, accidental impacts, or long-term use, affecting the garage’s look and functionality. A damaged panel can compromise the door’s structural integrity and reduce its overall security

Replacing a garage door panel requires precise measurements and matching the new panel with the existing door structure. Incorrect installation can cause the door to be poorly unaligned, potentially causing further damage. Professional installation is highly recommended, and Blue Sky Builders offers meticulous panel replacement services, ensuring seamless integration and durable results.

Contact DuPage County, IL Garage Door Repair Professionals

For Illinois homeowners, understanding common garage door repairs can help in the timely identification and resolution of issues, making sure your garage door works and looks great. Regardless of what kind of garage door repair you are looking for, the Downers Grove, IL garage door repair professionals at Blue Sky Builders can help—call (630)–852–8485 for a free on-site pricing estimate today. 

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