Garage or Shed, What Goes Where?

DuPage County Custom Garage ExpertsOne of the many joys of home ownership can be deciding on designated storage areas for your belongings. Whether you are renting or you own your own house, it is a wise idea to invest in some tools for any sort of minor repair. Unfortunately, many apartments do not have a good space for these sorts of tools. When the time comes for you to own your own home, however, the garage and a tool shed quickly become two wonderful spots for all of like items. The question remains, what should go in the garage and what should go in the shed?

Lay of the Land

Deciding what to keep in the garage or a tool shed will likely be dependent on how your property is arranged. Typically, a tool shed sits in a backyard further away from the home and a garage will be attached to the home or as a separate structure close to the home. In this traditional arrangement, the tool shed becomes a natural space for yard equipment:

  • Mowers
  • Weed hackers
  • Shovels
  • Potting soil and gardening tools
  • Fertilizer 

Most of the gardening tools wouldn’t be needed daily or all year round, making it more sensible to keep further from the house. It is also beneficial to keep equipment that may run on gas such as the mower or hedge trimmer outside in case of spillage.

Close to Home

In regards to what to keep in the garage, you may want to consider if you will need the items year-round. You don’t want to find yourself having to plow through the snow just to retrieve a screwdriver. The garage can be a great space for:

  • Hand tools
  • Car washing supplies
  • Ladders
  • Snow shovel
  • Power saws
  • Seasonal decorations 
  • And of course, your car

Some of the items may be dependent on your needs. The ladder, for instance, may not be necessary all year round, but if you have many trees on your property, the gutters could need to be cleaned out multiple times in a year. Similarly, a power saw could see a lot of use if you do a lot of self-maintenance on your home. Keeping the snow shovel or snow blower as near to your driveway as possible will be the best move you could make come winter when the lake-effect weather starts bearing down. 

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The location of where to keep your tools and supplies may seem obvious on the surface, but it is an important factor in keeping your spaces functional and welcoming. Ask yourself “when and how often will I need this item?”. If the answer is often or year-round, consider keeping it in your garage. Our experts at Blue Sky Builders can help keep your garage at its peak functionality and looking great as well! If you want to know more about building your custom garage, contact our DuPage County custom garage professionals today at 630-852-8485 and receive a free estimate.


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