Your Garage Through the Seasons

DuPage County Custom Garage ExpertsEvery year we cycle through all four seasons, and each one presents unique challenges. The differences in the weather over the course of the year can also be especially drastic in the midwest. The question then arises, “How can I keep my garage in its best condition through the entire year?” With a bit of preparation and organization, you can ensure your garage remains in tip-top shape all year long.  

Spring Cleaning

Though labeled as a chore, spring cleaning can be an excellent chance for you to revisit the items and projects you may have sent to the garage over winter. This is a good time to evaluate what should stay and what should go. Perhaps the dozen or so boxes you held onto in hopes of using for Christmas or birthday presents did not come in handy after all? Northern Illinois is no stranger to snowstorms, but are three snow shovels really necessary?  

Take some time to look over what you may have been storing for months and ask yourself if is worth keeping at the expense of valuable space.

Dog Days

Summer is when the average homeowner will spend more time in their garage. You can take a handful of steps to maintain a clean and efficient workspace in your garage such as:

  • Designating “zones” for specific tasks
  • Clean up any messes made
  • Returning tools to the same spot every time

These things may seem obvious on the surface, but in our day-to-day life, it is easy to forget to keep up with the little things. The more these good habits are established, the more inviting the space will become. Maintaining good habits of keeping things organized and clean will motivate you and help sustain the garage as a productive space.

Cooler Days Ahead

As milder temperatures approach, autumn can be the perfect time to prepare your garage for winter. Even though the outdoors may become a harsher from month to month, that does not necessarily mean your garage is unusable. A few simple steps will help keep your garage comfortable year-round and protected from the freezing temperatures.

  • Checking seals around doors and windows
  • Take a look at any chemicals or liquids you have stored in the garage and double check that none of them are temperature sensitive 
  • If you have a water heater in the garage, consider wrapping it in a blanket to conserve energy
  • Installing insulation to retain heat
  • Prepare any appliances or lawn equipment

The Long Winter

Winter can seem endless at times with grey skies, freezing winds, and snowy roads. Many of us begin to think that spring and summer are ages away. When it comes to your garage, this type of thinking can be a slippery slope. Though it may seem easy to begin to use the garage as a “catch-all” for boxes, random furniture, or clothes you intend to one day donate, letting the clutter grow is a disservice to yourself and your space. Before you know it, spring has come around and you find yourself disheartened to utilize the garage if over the winter it has become a messy storage unit. 

Keeping up with organization and cleaning are imperative to maintaining your garage as a productive and positive space.

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