Top 3 Things to Consider Before Building Your New Garage

DuPage County Garage SpecialistsAfter many months of deliberation, you have finally set your mind to begin construction on the dream garage you have always wanted. Perhaps when you bought your home, the garage was the only missing part on your checklist and you agreed with your partner that you would one day change that. After a couple of cold Illinois winters and the apparent disappearing amount of storage space available, you cannot wait any longer.

Before the concrete begins to pour for the foundation, there are a few key items to consider:

  • Zoning laws and neighborhood rules
  • What type of garage is best for you?
  • How big should it be?

Zoning Laws and Rules

If you are considering building a new structure on your property, it is a wise idea to check into the local zoning laws. The DuPage County Government website has the proper zoning laws available to review. Another important factor to consider before you begin building is checking the rules of your Homeowners Association (HOA) if your neighborhood has one.  

A new garage increases a property’s value and few HOAs would dismiss construction that gives a home more curb appeal, but there may be specifications within the rules that a homeowner may need to work with to ensure there are no issues such as size or proximity to the road.

Type of Garage

There are a vast number of choices involved in the customization of your garage, but only you can say what is best for your needs. A good reason for a garage is to protect your vehicle from the harsh elements of winter, so you could choose to get an attached garage to avoid braving the harsh midwest winters. 

You could choose a detached garage if you plan to use the space for projects that may disrupt anyone else in the home. Do you feel just a little tight on space in your home? If so, perhaps looking into a double-story garage is a good idea.

Large and In Charge

Possibly the largest decision you must make regarding your new garage is the size. What will the needs of the household be? If multiple residents in the home drive, you may need a 2 or 3-car garage. If you plan to use the garage as a workspace, be sure to account for the extra space. A final point to keep in mind is that every garage always seems to collect random odds and ends that have no other place. It is best to be prepared with ample space for all the bits and pieces that find their way into the garage.

Contact a DuPage County Garage Expert Today

All of these are important factors to consider before you begin building your new garage, but the most important question to yourself is “when should I contact Blue Sky Builders?” The answer is simple: Today!  Just let our custom garage experts for DuPage County know what you are wanting and make your dream garage a reality. Call the team at Blue Sky Builders by calling 630-852-8485.

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