Garage Decluttering Tips from Our Garage Builders

DuPage County Custom Garage BuildersKeeping a garage organized and clutter free is a responsibility that most people struggle with. If your garage looks more like a storage unit than a garage, you probably know this struggle well. Sports equipment, tools, auto equipment, children’s toys, holiday decorations, and countless other items fill up garages across the country. For many people struggling with garage chaos, the prospect of organizing the garage is overwhelming to even consider. If you are taking on the challenge of garage decluttering this summer, keep the following tips in mind.

How To Organize Your Garage This Summer

Organizing your garage can seem daunting, but it is possible. Depending on the current state of your garage, decluttering and cleaning may take a few hours to a few days. Clear some room in your schedule, put on some gloves, grab an ice cold lemonade, and get ready to transform your garage using the following three steps:

  • Categorize - The first step when organizing your garage is to separate the items into three categories: keep, trash, and donate. You will want to keep items of significant personal or financial value as well as items you frequently use. Items that you no longer need but may be useful to others can be donated to charity organizations or thrift stores. Broken items and random bits of garbage should go in the trash car or recycling bin.
  • Group – The next step in organizing your garage is grouping items according to their function. Wrenches and screwdrivers should be placed with other tools. Basketballs, baseball mitts, and football helmets should be grouped along with other sports equipment. Car supplies like anti-freeze or windshield wiper fluid should be stored in the same area. Once you have grouped the items according to their function, you can start looking for ways to store them.
  • Store – Clear plastic totes are a favorite among professional organizers because they allow you to see what is inside of the boxes without opening them. Place smaller items into boxes and place larger items on shelves or hang them on the wall. Make use of vertical space as much as possible so you have fewer items taking up valuable floor space.  

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