How to Prevent Storm and Tornado Damage to Your Garage

Blue Sky Builders (1)During the summer, people in Illinois are likely to experience strong weather, including major thunderstorms or tornadoes. Residents of DuPage County were recently given a reminder of the dangers of summer storms when a tornado touched down in Naperville, damaging multiple homes. While it might not be possible to completely prevent a tornado from causing damage to your home, you will want to be aware of some steps you can take to ensure that your garage can withstand strong weather and minimize the chances of serious damage.

Preventing Damage to Your Garage Door in a Storm

Your garage door is most likely the largest opening to your home. This makes it a significant weak point, especially since garage doors are usually lighter and less resilient than the surrounding walls and structure of a home. This means that when pressure is placed on a home, such as by heavy winds, and rain during a storm or by a tornado, the garage door is the part of the home that is most likely to fail. When this happens, the home’s walls and roof may also be affected, and depending on the severity of a storm, they may be damaged, or they could collapse entirely.

To ensure that your garage is protected against strong weather, you can check to make sure that your garage door has the proper wind pressure rating. This will specify the wind speed that a door will be able to withstand. If you have an older garage door, or if your door is damaged or worn down, you may want to consider replacing it with a newer, more sturdy garage door. Ideally, you will want to use a door that is constructed of durable materials that will stand up to strong winds, rain, snow, and ice. You may also want to consider adding braces that can be used to strengthen your garage during strong storms in which tornadoes are more likely to occur.

You may also want to consider replacing or strengthening the interior door between your garage and the rest of your home. If your garage door does fail, a strong interior door may help prevent additional damage to your home by bracing against strong winds and avoiding sudden pressure changes in the interior of your home.

Contact Our Downers Grove Garage Renovation Specialists

At Blue Sky Builders, we can help you determine the best methods for ensuring that your garage has the proper protection against strong storms. Whether you are looking to replace your garage door, install a new interior door, or strengthen your garage’s structure, we can make sure these renovations are completed properly. We can also help you determine your best options for repairing storm damage to your garage or building a new custom garage that will meet your needs. To schedule a free estimate, contact our DuPage County custom garage experts at  630-852-8485.

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