What Are My Options for Adding Windows to My Garage?

Blue Sky Builders (2)Garage renovations can come in many different forms. Homeowners can make multiple types of improvements, such as implementing new storage solutions or installing updated equipment. While building a completely new custom garage may be an option for some, others will be looking to make other types of changes that will allow them to get the best use out of their garage. One way of doing so is by installing new windows. This can provide more natural light in a garage, making it a more welcoming space. However, homeowners should be sure to understand their options for adding windows and the potential issues they may encounter when doing so.

Benefits of Garage Windows

Windows can be installed in the outward-facing walls of a garage, and some types of garage doors may also include windows. In addition to increasing the amount of light in a garage, windows can add curb appeal by creating a consistent design for both home and garage. Multiple types of windows can be used to make a garage feel like another room that is integrated into the rest of the house. Even if windows will not be facing the street or if a garage is detached from the home, its windows should match the style of the home, adding to the visual appeal of the interior and exterior space.

In addition to providing light, windows can be used to improve ventilation in a garage. Different types of windows can provide multiple options for how they may be opened to let air into the space. Casement windows are hinged on the side, and they may be opened by using a crank. Awning windows are hinged at the top, and they can be used to provide ventilation while preventing water from entering a garage during rainy weather. Double-hung windows are opened by sliding the panes up and down vertically. By installing windows on opposite sides of a garage, this will allow air to circulate when windows are opened, making the space more comfortable.

While windows can provide many advantages, homeowners will also want to be aware that they may create privacy and security issues. People may be able to see into a garage from the outside, and this may encourage thieves to break into a garage to take items stored within. However, this issue may be addressed by using frosted glass or tinted windows. Homeowners will also want to be sure the windows in their garage have locking mechanisms to prevent people from accessing their home illegally.

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