How to Renovate Your Garage to Include a Wine Cellar

Blue Sky Builders garage wine cellar renovationsAfter the challenges of 2020, everyone is hoping for a return to some sort of normalcy in 2021. However, with COVID-19 vaccines just starting to be administered, it may be months before the country is opened up again. In Illinois, many restaurants are still closed, or if they are open, they are operating at reduced occupancy. In response to these restrictions and social distancing guidelines, a lot of people have spent more time at home than ever before. This may include entertaining at home, either outside in their yard, on their patio, deck, or even in the garage. Wine lovers may want to consider utilizing their garage space by converting part of it into a wine cellar. 

Wine Lovers Unite

If you do not have a designated wine cellar in your home, the garage might be the perfect place to store your favorite wines. Depending on how much room you want to set aside for it, adding a seating area can turn your garage into an ideal entertaining space for friends and family gatherings. Another fun idea is to start a wine club and use your garage as a wine tasting room. However, it is important to consider the types of wine you want to house to ensure you have the appropriate environment to keep them. For example, different varieties of wine are best kept at certain temperatures. A lot of white or sparkling wines are best served chilled, while red wines are typically served at room temperature.

A few steps to transform your garage into a fabulous wine cellar include:

  • Seal any cracks in the walls or foundation: It is important to fill in any cracks in the walls and around the windows to ensure that warm air does not leak into the garage, since that can cause wine to spoil.
  • Put up drywall and insulation: Adding drywall will make the garage look more like an extension of your home. Painting the walls with an insulating paint will help keep the temperature in the garage constant and cool.
  • Install flooring: Choose flooring that will withstand temperature swings common in a garage, especially with Illinois’ four seasons. Linoleum or ceramic tiles can stay cool for long periods of time and keep the entire garage cool.
  • Purchase a dehumidifier: The Midwest is known for its humid summers, so a garage should have a dehumidifier to take out the moisture in the air that could affect wines.
  • Use coolers or refrigerators: Depending on what types of wines you like, you may need refrigeration to keep them from spoiling.
  • Build custom shelving units: Customized shelves can be configured to maximize your space and hold wine bottles of different sizes, as well as wine glasses. Compartments for bottle openers and other accessories may also be included.
  • Upgrade the electrical systems: Electrical wiring may need to be added or enhanced to prevent overheating and starting a fire, especially if you also have a TV, a wine fridge, lamps, or a radio to create more ambiance.

Contact a DuPage County Garage Professional

People all over the country are reinventing the way they do things in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including entertaining. The accomplished team at Blue Sky Builders has more than 40 years of experience building and renovating many different kinds of garage spaces. Our talented Downers Grove garage builders can help your plans become reality. To learn more about our services, call us today at 630-852-8485 to schedule a free estimate.

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