How Your Chicago Area Garage Could Be a Party Spot

garage-party-spotHave you been tasked with hosting a party, but are unsure if you have the room? Did you make plans for an outdoor party, but the weather has forced you to change locations at the last minute? Do you have messy children, or even messier parents, coming over to watch the big game? Perhaps converting your garage to host the party is the option for you! Turning your garage into the perfect party pad is easier than you may think!

Making a Clean Space

The first step in getting your garage ready for guests is of course cleaning and organizing. Putting things away and clearing the room is important to ensure you have proper floor space for everyone. Consider moving any dangerous tools or equipment to a spot where guests cannot reach them. Some key things to keep in mind before decorating are:

  • Sweeping and mopping the floor
  • Adding new lighting
  • Making sure door to house and the garage door are in proper working condition
  • Installing an air conditioner or heater depending on the climate
  • Clean windows and cabinets
  • Add air fresheners
  • Declutter and organize

With everything clean, fresh, and in working order, you will have the perfect clean slate to create your party.

Time to Decorate

There will be many factors that will influence how you decorate for the party. Starting with the nature of the party will help you narrow in on what you should do. Is it a casual event where everyone will be mingling? If so, consider just a few seating options and a table for appetizers and snacks. If you are looking for something slightly more formal, having a seat and table space for everyone is important. For both tables and chairs, foldable options could be beneficial for storage and in the event of switching gears mid-party.

If you are hosting friends for a televised event such as an award show or the big game, you could mount an old tv in the garage. Even if you are not planning on having a television for the party, make sure to have speakers ready to throw on a jamming playlist. It is also probably a good idea to have coolers, or a garage fridge ready with refreshments. 

The little touches can make all the difference, and going the extra mile with balloons, posters, tablecloths, or themed plates and napkins can make a normal occasion especially delightful.

Get Your Garage Ready for the Perfect Party with Our Downers Grove Custom Garage Builders!

No matter what the occasion is, your garage can become the ideal spot to have guests over. Call 630-852-8485 today to get in touch with our DuPage County garage renovation experts to find out how your garage can be all set for your next big event.

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