Is a Home Office in Your Garage a Good Idea?

Garage MakeoverWe know the story—build a garage, park in it, have a safe environment for your vehicle.  We know this because we’ve built garages for this purpose for over 35 years.  Garages are convenient, safe, and great for storage.  But we also know that garages can serve more than just for parking.  With a recent study sharing that only 15% of two car garages are used for two cars, there are a multitude of options for that extra space.  One option? The addition of a home office in place of this second car.  Another? Build right above your garage.

Converting Part of Your Garage into a Home Office

Many people want more out of their garages.  A great multi-functional room, the garage has made its mark most popularly as a space for a workshop.  However, there are many other ideas for homeowners looking to build into their extra space including the ‘man cave,’ but one of the rooms that every home could use is the home office.

About Garages shared a recent post, and understands the value of creating a multi-purpose garage—something that can fit both a car and serve the needs of others, not an either/or situation.  Providing two options, either half of a two car garage or a loft above a one car garage, author Thomas Mello provided tips on turning your garage into office space.

Build, Seal, and Insulate

A general recommendation for a garage that remains unfinished is sealing up cracks and gaps. Filling in spaces by windows with spray foam insulation and repairing any loose or rotted boards will help keep insects and rodents from invading your vehicles or stored belongings. Once a barrier has been created between the outside and the interior, the walls can be insulated so that the space can be heated and cooled appropriately for use.

Ample Heating and Cooling

No matter the situation, unless you live in a 70s climate all year long, both heating and cooling will make the space much more livable.

  • Cooling: Cooling will always be easier than heating a garage office, as cooling can be accomplished installing a window air conditioner, or by simply opening the windows, and running fans.
  • Heating:Unless you intend to be in the garage only at certain times, heating could become complex.  Running a space heater 24/7 is inefficient and dangerous, but the author recommends one of three options.
    • Forced Air Heater: Hangs on the ceiling and works like a furnace, blowing dust and debris around in the process. Less expensive to install.
    • Infrared Heater:  A type of tube heater that hangs on the wall off the ground. Radiates heat to create a warmer area without circulating dirt. More expensive to install, but more efficient to run.
    • Ductless Mini Split A/C with Heat Pump: A condenser sits outside the garage with cooling lines that run through a single hole in the wall of the garage. Serves a dual-purpose as an air-conditioner and heater for year-round office use.

What’s the Plan?

When you look to convert any room, it should be done with a plan.  If you’re looking to get your garage in shape, Blue Sky Builders is ready to help you develop one.  Even if we’re unable to work in this upcoming winter, we are looking to fill early spring appointments and you could be one of the first we help next season.

Check out our gallery of custom garages, including this, with space for a basketball hoop, and an office above (not to mention ample lighting):

Gable Garage with Dormer

Or this, with even more lighting for your next home office.

Think about it, and contact us today to learn more about what we can do to help you be more productive with a new office (and garage)!

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