Is My Garage’s Weather Stripping in Need of Replacement?

Blue Sky Builders garage door seal replacementIn order to keep your garage comfortable and protected year-round, the use of weather stripping is imperative. By reducing the likelihood of flooding, keeping out pests or insects, and maintaining your preferred temperature, a garage door seal does more than you might realize. Although it is typically not an area of concern for many garage owners, the status of your weather stripping should be routinely checked. Upon inspection, the sight of rips, holes, warped material, or discolored sections could mean a replacement is needed. Before any action is taken, a garage renovation expert should be consulted.  

Different Ways to Test Your Door Seal

You should understand what to look for when determining the status of your garage’s weather stripping, as an incorrect conclusion could result in an unneeded repair or replacement. Alongside a visual inspection for any wear-and-tear, you can use several different methods to see if the stripping is in working order. For example, an airtight seal can be tested by:

  • Utilizing light from inside your garage when it is dark outside to see if it shines through.
  • Spraying your weather stripping with water to test for leakage on the inside.
  • Sliding a piece of paper underneath your door seal to see if there is a tiny air gap.
  • Physically pushing against your stripping to determine its durability.

Why Should a Professional Be Hired for the Installation?

Although weather stripping is typically just a piece of rubber that is attached to the bottom of a garage door, it is important that it be installed correctly. Removing the old/damaged material and correctly placing a new seal requires pinpoint accuracy. An improperly installed garage seal can disrupt your garage door alignment also damage the tracks, resulting in the need for costly repairs. To avoid these issues and ensure that your garage door seal provides the weather protection you need, it is imperative to ensure that the installation is done correctly.   

Call Our Downers Grove Garage Building Experts

Although your garage’s weather stripping may not be on your list of common maintenance tasks, it is an important garage component that needs to be checked regularly. A garage seal is utilized year-round, and it can help protect some of your most valuable items. If you suspect that your weather stripping is in need of a replacement, you should contact the knowledgeable DuPage County garage service professionals at Blue Sky Builders. To receive a free estimate on your garage repairs, call our office today at 630-852-8485.

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