3 Signs That Your Garage Siding May Need to be Replaced

Blue Sky Builders garage siding replacementFor many garage owners, the installation of new siding is not a renovation that is at the top of their list of priorities. However, inclement weather conditions and longevity can leave a garage’s siding in desperate need of replacement. Considering the amount of damage that cracks, holes, and warped siding can cause to the structure of a garage, property owners should routinely conduct inspections. There are several indicators that can help determine whether new siding is needed:

Holes and Water Damage

As previously mentioned, if it is discovered that your garage siding is not in good condition, it is possible that additional damage may occur. Tiny holes in your siding are typically caused by animals or insects. In addition, breaks in your siding can also provide an entryway for water, snow, and mud. Bubbles may start to appear just under the surface of your siding if moisture is trapped. Water damage can lead to mold, fungus, or mildew, and it is an immediate sign that siding needs to be replaced.   

Loose or Missing Siding

If you notice that pieces of your siding are not properly attached to your garage or have completely fallen off, it is imperative that they be replaced as soon as possible. When the structural wood of a garage is exposed to the elements, this can cause severe damage. If a few pieces of siding become detached after a storm, it is possible that they can simply be put back into place. However, if multiple pieces have become disconnected or are missing, you may need to contact a professional to replace your garage’s siding. 

Warped Siding or Rotting Wood

In order to determine the strength and condition of your siding and the structural wood behind it, both a visual inspection and a physical examination should be completed. If you recognize siding that looks misshapen or any sort of rotting wood, poking the material with a sharp object could help you decide if the material is in good shape. Soft or rotting wood beneath a garage’s siding is a strong indicator that a replacement is needed.

Call Our DuPage County Custom Garage Experts

Understanding the strength and condition of your garage’s siding and structural wood is essential for maintaining its durability and addressing any minor issues before they become major problems. If you suspect that your siding is in need of replacement, the experienced Downers Grove garage renovation professionals at Blue Sky Builders can help. By determining the current state of your siding, our team can evaluate your needs and work with you to resolve the issue. To receive a free estimate, call our office today at 630-852-8485.

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