Is Your Garage Door Weather-Ready?

Is-Your-Garage-Door-Weather-Ready-+As the winter continues across the country, the midwest is getting exceptionally harsh weather. The Chicago area is not exempt from Mother Nature’s cold chill. There are many ways to prepare for such weather and various items that will need your attention. Homeowners will typically make sure that their faucets are dripping, their windows are properly sealed, and their driveways are prepped, but they will often overlook a very important facet of the house. The door to your garage battles all kinds of weather, and Blue Sky Builders is here to make certain that it is up to the challenge. 

What to Look For?

On the surface, the door to your garage may seem very simple, but it comprises many important parts and features. Checking these different areas of your garage can be done very quickly and can make a world of difference down the road.

Check the exterior weatherstripping – Start on the outside around the border of the door. Make sure there are not any splits or cracks along the sides. Extreme temperatures and sun exposure weaken rubber stripping and can make it brittle. If you notice any ice forming around the weatherstripping, make sure to remove it quickly.

Inspect the door itself - Older garages may have worn-out doors that are uninsulated. Newer doors often come insulated or can be insulated with the help of a kit or professional help. This can help keep in warm air and further protect your door from sub-zero temperatures. 

Double-check the moving parts – The opener itself may be the most important feature of the door. You do not want to be coming home during a winter storm and have your garage door fail to open. If you notice the door opening slower, making strange noises, or seeing any pieces out of place, they will need immediate attention.

What to Do?

  • Replace the weatherstripping
  • Insulate the garage door
  • Seal any visible cracks in the door
  • Consider replacing outdated and drafty doors
  • Service and maintenance of the garage door opener
  • Keep ice off the door and the surrounding frame

Keep Your Garage Door in Top Shape With Our DuPage County Custom Garage Builders

No matter what the weather may throw at you, the garage renovation experts at Blue Sky Builders can make certain you are prepared. They can see you through any season and keep your garage and all of its parts functioning the way they should all year round. Reach out by calling 630-852-8485 today!

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