Overhead Storage Ideas for Your Chicago Area Garage

Overhead-Storage-Ideas-for-Your-Chicago-Area-GarageThe constant struggle for adequate storage space can drive a person bananas. There is one type of storage that is forgotten about and often overlooked. Overhead and ceiling storage may not be the most convenient, but it does offer additional space to stow away items that are bulky and not needed on a constant basis. Blue Sky Builders is your resource for finding the most efficient and safe way to add overhead storage to your garage.

What Should You Store Overhead?

Deciding what can be kept in overhead storage may be tricky. You do not want to choose items that weigh too much or could slide around easily. Additionally, try to avoid storing things that you frequently use or will need on a regular basis. Some good examples of some items that would be appropriate include:

  • Seasonal decorations
  • Summer Patio Furniture
  • Luggage 
  • Camping Equipment
  • Sports gear
  • Coolers

Try to avoid anything that might roll around or fall if jostled. If you store smaller objects, moving alike things together into plastic totes or storage bins can be very beneficial. Keeping similar things together and labeling the bins will make finding what you need easier down the road, as well. Your future self will thank you!

Choosing the Appropriate Storage

There are many variations of overhead storage you could choose from. Many are installed fairly easily with the help of a ladder or step stool. Typically the systems will use metal brackets that attach to the ceiling. Make sure they are attached to the studs or anchors so they can support adequate weight. 

The layout of your garage will influence where the overhead rack will go. Make certain that there are no obstructions such as the garage door, and plot out an appropriate space. A popular option is to put up storage shelving along the back corners and walls. This is a functional and often more visually appealing option. 

If you are really looking for something with full functionality, then motorized storage platforms are an option to consider. They give you all the benefits of a typical storage rack, but with the added benefit of bringing the items down to you, rather than you having to pull them down. This option is also much safer when dealing with bulkier and heavier objects. The drawback, of course, is that it is the most expensive option –– but significantly more convenient.

Maximize Your Storage With Our Downers Grove Custom Garage Builders!

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