Options for Adding a Breezeway to Your Detached Garage

Blue Sky Builders garage breezeway constructionMany older homes have “detached” garages, which means they are separate structures from the main house. Newer, more modern residential architecture typically has the garage “attached” to the house. This makes it convenient for homeowners to exit their vehicles and enter their mud room, entryway, or kitchen without having to go outside. Illinois residents may particularly like this option, since it means that they do not have to brave the elements, especially during inclement weather or when it is dark. A connected breezeway that goes between your home and garage provides a covered space to improve traffic flow into your home. As with any type of house renovation or addition, you will want to be sure to explore your options and consider your needs, as well as how these changes will complement your existing garage and house.  

Form Versus Function

A breezeway can add a unique architectural element to your home’s exterior. Features like skylights or stained-glass windows add natural light and turn the breezeway into a design focal point. In other cases, you may want to simply have a breezeway blend into the existing design of your home and garage, which could be brick, wood, siding, or a combination of different materials.

The appropriate design for your breezeway will depend on the existing structure of the house and garage, in addition to how they will be joined. For example, if you already have a paved path between the two structures, you may only want to add a roof and not walls. Some people prefer the breezeway to be more open, perhaps with a trellis over it and columns along the sides. If the area between the garage and house is uneven, you will likely want to consider laying down concrete or constructing a wooden walkway first.

Other considerations include installing insulation and drywall and adding electrical outlets or lighting in the new structure if it is going to be an enclosed space. An alternative to drywall is a glass ceiling or glass windows from floor to ceiling. Regardless of whether you are going for a more traditional look or a more modern appeal, you will first have to knock out a wall in the existing garage in order to begin the process. Hiring a professional garage builder can ensure that any demolition work will be done properly prior to erecting your new breezeway.

Generally, there are three commonly used types of breezeways:

  • Contained: This kind of breezeway consists of a linear, gabled roof that matches the design and roofing material/shingles of the joined structures.
  • Funneled: This style of breezeway sits between two angled buildings, similar to a porch or pergola. It often features a funnel-shaped area that is open to the front yard, making it an ideal location for a small table and/or rocking or Adirondack chairs.
  • Offset: This type of breezeway is commonly used when the house and the garage do not sit directly across from each other.

Contact a DuPage County Garage Professional

If you are considering enhancing your garage by adding on a breezeway, look no further than the skilled team at Blue Sky Builders. With more than 40 years of experience building multiple different types of garages and performing custom renovations, our talented Downers Grove garage specialists will help you improve the look and function of your garage, whether it is attached or detached. We can customize a solution to fit your current structure. To learn more about our services, schedule a free estimate by calling our office today at 630-852-8485.

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