Rough Illinois Weather? Keep Your Garage Standing Strong

dupage county custom garage builderIf we have learned anything about the weather lately, it’s that it is growing harder and harder to predict. Especially here in Illinois, there could be snow one day in April and a tornado the next. (DuPage County residents are no strangers to this, as evidenced by last summer’s memorable Naperville tornado.) So this summer, you want to be sure your home can withstand whatever Mother Nature may throw at it, starting with its potential weakest link—your garage.

Ground Zero for Potential Disaster

Take a good look at your garage. What is its overall condition? Is the siding holding up? Any sign of rotted boards or other water damage? Is it standing straight? Now examine the garage’s floor, roof, and walls for cracks and leaks. The time to seal these is before the flooding starts! And speaking of leaks, your garage door has a vinyl or rubber weather seal, which should be pliable to compress when the door is closed. Over time these get brittle and do not keep the water out. How is yours? Ditto for the weatherstripping along the sides and top of the door. If you see any problems, let us come out to make our own expert assessment.

And Now to the “Likeliest Suspect”: Your Garage Door

The number one suspect for potential vulnerability to heavy rain or wind damage is your garage door itself. Why? Because it is both the largest and lightest opening to most homes. Their relatively light weight makes these doors easier to raise and lower, but it also makes them less resistant to the elements. Therefore, they are inherently less sturdy and resilient than your home’s surrounding structure and walls. So in the event of high pressure on the house, this door becomes the weakest link. You can add to a garage door’s weight by reinforcing it, but that may also necessitate adjusting or replacing the door’s counterbalance system, which should only be performed by a trained door systems technician. If you are looking for a replacement, we offer a complete selection in steel, aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl, wood, and wood composite. Each has its own strengths, and we would be happy to recommend the best one for your individual needs.

Contact Our Downers Grove Garage Renovation Specialists

At Blue Sky Builders, we have over 40 years of experience renovating and building custom garages throughout the Chicago area. We have seen it all, and we can help you strike the best balance between maximum protection and best value per dollar—whether that becomes strengthening your existing garage door, installing a new door, or perhaps building a new custom garage that will answer your full range of needs. For a free estimate, call our DuPage County custom garage experts at 630-852-8485.




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