What Not to Store in Your Garage This Summer

Lcustom garage buildersike most people, you probably built your garage thinking what a wonderful place this would be to house your cars, serve as a perfect repair shop, crafts area, or home gym, and maybe get a few things out of your home’s prime living space. But instead, this garage has become your on-site dumping ground for all of that surplus sports gear, lawn equipment, and other miscellaneous stuff you just cannot bear to part with.

Would this be the perfect time to actually recapture and reorganize this precious area by donating or ditching these space hogs once and for all? Here are a few starters that will get you in the mood to dig deeper and finally reclaim your garage for higher purposes.

  • Old Sports Gear - The children have long outgrown or abandoned those old bats and balls, bikes and racquets, and you have pretty much given up on that New Year’s home-fitness resolution. So why not donate whatever is in good working shape to your nearby rec center or charity, and recycle or dispose of the rest according to your local waste management authority’s guidelines.
  • Obsolete Tools – Rusted lawn equipment? Leaking garden hose? Late and lamented (but replaced) lawnmower? Anything that still works can go to a local charity, school, or community garden. Everything else belongs wherever the waste-management experts tell you.
  • Unused Holiday Decorations - There is nothing wrong with stashing those once-a-year decorations in a handy, out-of-the-way place like a corner of your garage. But if that pile includes broken lights or lawn inflatables that will not inflate, then something has got to go.
  • Leftover Paints and Chemicals - This is more than just a waste of space. Old paint, pesticides, or cleaning products stored in your garage create a fire hazard and health risk. But as hazardous waste, they cannot just be trashed. They need to be disposed of in the right ways and places, according to your local ordinances and practices.
  • Surplus Building Materials - You bought those extra project materials to allow for mistakes or repairs down the road. So now we are down the road, and it is probably time to either use them in another DIY project or donate them to an organization that would love to accept them, like Habitat for Humanity. Enjoy your space!

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