Sheds to Showrooms: The Evolution of the Garage

Blue Sky Image (1)Since the invention of the automobile, garages have slowly evolved from humble, barn-like storage areas into what many people believe to be the most important room in the home. How did we get to this point? Well, it’s funny you should ask that because the evolution of the garage is exactly what we will be discussing in this blog. We will be taking a look at the early days of the garage, the development of the garage, and the modern garage and all of its amenities. Follow along as we take you on a trip back in time and examine the development of garages through the years.

The Early Days

In the earliest days of cars, garages were not much of a priority for homeowners. Horse drawn carriages were popular and only the wealthiest individuals had the means to own a car. Even so, cars were more of a luxury item than anything else and, as a result, the storage of cars was in a very primitive stage. In many cases, cars were stored in any available sheds or barns that had enough room to accommodate them and nobody spent recreational time in those areas. While you could say that the concept of “the garage” was born, these were very basic times.

The Development of the Garage

Starting around the 1920’s, the garage began to take its place as one of the primary features of homes. The growth of the auto industry made it possible for the average American to own a car and an increasing number of homeowners expected to have a garage included in their homes. By the end of the second World War, overhead garage doors and garage door openers were widely used. This was around the same time that the garage became a popular workplace, and garage rock bands gained prominence by the 1960s. The garage had clearly evolved and was no longer an afterthought in the construction of a house.

The Modern Garage

In modern times, garages have become quite diverse. With electricity, advanced heating, air conditioning systems, and many other present-day conveniences, garages can be used for almost anything. Whether you have converted it into a family room, use it as a personal office, or have turned it into your own personal showroom, the modern garage has come a long way.

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