Tips for Clearing Snow From Your Driveway and Protecting Your Garage Door

Tips-for-Clearing-Snow-From-Your-Driveway-and-Protecting-Your-Garage-DoorWinter is here, and snow and ice are sure to be on the way over the next few months. Most homeowners are familiar with the regular chore of shoveling snow from their driveway, cleaning off any cars that are parked outside, and making sure walkways are free of slipping hazards. However, even those who have been using snow shovels, snowblowers, and other tools for years may be unaware of some methods that can make their lives easier, and they will also want to watch out for any issues that could inadvertently damage their garage door or other parts of their property. The following tips can help homeowners clear snow effectively:

  • Shovel periodically - During a snowstorm, it is often a good idea to start shoveling while snow is still falling. Clearing away a couple inches of snow at a time will be much easier than shoveling a foot of snow that has accumulated overnight and settled into a more solid mass.
  • Treat your shovel - Wet snow that sticks to your shovel can make things much more difficult. You can use cooking spray on your shovel to prevent snow from sticking and make the job of clearing snow easier.
  • Watch for snow and ice buildup around your garage door – If ice has formed along the bottom edge of your garage door, you will want to break this ice and clear it away before opening the door. Failure to do so can put stress on your garage door opener and cause it to be damaged. If your garage door is open while you are shoveling, you will want to watch for the buildup of snow in the opening. By clearing this snow away before closing your garage door, you can prevent blockages and avoid damage to your garage door and garage door opener.
  • Remove ice from your car - If ice has formed on a vehicle that is parked outside, you can use a variety of methods to melt it. Spraying rubbing alcohol on windows will work as a defroster. You can also pour lukewarm water over other parts of the car where ice has formed, such as doors or locks, then clear the water away with a squeegee to keep additional ice from forming.
  • Increase traction on walking surfaces - You can help prevent ice from forming on sidewalks, the walkway to your front door, or other areas where people will be walking by spreading salt. Kitty litter can be another good solution for improving traction and avoiding slippery surfaces. You may also want to invest in heated snow melt mats that will keep walkways free of snow and ice.

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