Tips For Hosting a Summer Garage Party

Illinois Custom GarageWhether it is to escape a summer thunderstorm or to simply find refuge from the sun, your garage can be a great place to set up for a summer party. Pull the cars out, set up some tables and chairs, turn up the music, and have a great time. To get the most out of your garage space and keep your guests safe and entertained, here are some tips for turning your garage into a party room:

  • Remove large or dangerous items – It is best to remove items that could be harmful to guests or could be tripping hazards, especially for any children who may be present. Lawnmowers, sharp garden tools, gasoline cans, and other hazardous products should be removed or safely stored away from your guests. If you can’t move it or have nowhere else to store it, hide the items behind a hanging sheet or place a barrier between the objects and the entertaining space.
  • Clean that floor – Dirt, grease, oil, and other fluids from your car can leave your floor dirty and potentially dangerous. Beyond being unsightly, they can be slipping hazards or become harmful if accidentally ingested. Commercial grease and oil removers can be used for heavy-duty stains and spills. Detergents can be used to clean the dirt from your floor and kitty litter can be used for smaller oil stains.
  • Never set up a grill or fire pit in the garage – While this may seem obvious, the carbon monoxide given off by a charcoal, wood, or propane grill or fire pit can collect in the garage or under the eaves if it is too close and potentially be fatal. Make sure you keep these objects a safe distance from your garage.
  • Liven up the space – Bringing in some decorative hanging lights from your deck or pulling out your Christmas lights can help add to the atmosphere. Decorations like balloons, as well as tables or other furniture can also be used to hide items or keep guests separated from those garage objects that you cannot move.

Consult a DuPage County Garage Renovation Expert

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