Tips For Keeping Your Garage Dry During the Rainy Season

Blue Sky Builders garage maintenance rainy weatherAlthough we see steady rainfall throughout the year, the residents of the Chicago area typically receive more precipitation in August and September than the other months of the year. Aside from the inconvenience of muddy shoes and wet hair, rain can wreak havoc on a home. Rain damage costs homeowners across the United States millions of dollars each year.

The garage is often a prime target for water entry. Moisture from umbrellas, shoes, and cars lingers in the garage, along with any rain pouring in while the garage door is open. Keep your investments dry and your family safe with these helpful tips:

Seal Exterior Cracks

Buildings are subject to various stressors, ranging from the wear and tear of the elements to the settling of a foundation. These stressors can eventually damage the exterior of your home. Although seemingly minor, even hairline cracks allow for water seepage, which can not only make the gaps more substantial, but can also let moisture into the garage. Once water accumulates inside, toxic mold may begin to form, endangering the health of everyone in the home.

Keep Water Outside

Families parking in their garage bring the moisture gathered from rain or snow into to the home. Although this seems trivial, moisture and condensation in the air can rust objects in the garage, such as tools and appliances. One way to avoid water damage is to dry off your vehicle after parking. This easy adjustment can save you thousands of dollars in the future. Another good investment is a dehumidifier, which will help remove any excess moisture from your garage.

Insulate Windows

Your window is on a frame placed into the wall of your home. Over time, the seals surrounding these windows can break down, leaving cracks which allow water to come inside. While cleaning these windows, check that all of the seals create a watertight barrier.

Replace Weather Stripping

The weather strip at the bottom of the garage door prevents the entry of any bugs, precipitation, or water from overambitious sprinklers while the garage door is closed. This rubber seal eventually deteriorates, reducing its functionality. Check and replace this strip periodically.

If you have a new weather strip and still have water concerns or can see light streaming under the garage door, there may be a more significant concern. The door may be misaligned, the operational mechanisms may need replacing, or the door itself may have damage.

Contact Our Garage Experts

If you need to make repairs to your garage due to weather damage, or if you need to repair or replace your garage door, Blue Sky Builders can help. For over 39 years, we have assisted families in Chicago and surrounding suburbs with their garage projects, and we have a reputation for providing reliable and honest service. Contact us online or by calling 630-852-8485. Please visit our gallery to explore some of our past projects.

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