Get the Most Out of Your Garage With These Home Renovation Trends

Blue Sky Builders garage renovation increasing home valueThe newest trend in home design is to make the garage a functional and inviting space to add value to the home. The days of the garage being nothing more than the attached storage unit for the home are long gone. Garage renovations currently rank among the top three areas where homeowners recuperate the most money with the right buyer. Increase the value and functionality of your home with these garage trends:

Organization Is King

If your garage is currently a collection area for tools, sports equipment, and seasonal decorations, there will likely be a transition period as you work to make it more useful. First, spend a weekend decluttering and getting rid of the items that you do not need. Next, spend some time planning organization. Trends currently working for many homeowners include:

  • Pegboard walls
  • Slatwall systems
  • Custom cabinets
  • Color coordinated storage bins
  • Utility carts for rolling storage
  • Designated areas

Use Floor Space for Entertaining or Work

Once storage is secure, you are free to utilize the rest of the space for something other than parking your vehicles. Here are a few creative ideas:

  • A “man cave” themed around sports
  • A functional, working office
  • A game room for video games or board games
  • A home gym that includes weights and other workout equipment

Move the Mudroom

If you are tired of muddy shoes and coats creating extra clean-up time, you likely have considered adding in a mud room. If you did not have the space inside your house, the garage might be the perfect location for storing your outerwear. Garages are often intended to be dirty, making them easier to clean up. Add in coat and shoe storage with some seating, and you have a designated location to store your muddy items outside of the central living area.

Make it Technologically Friendly

Your car, home, and office are becoming more technologically advanced; why not your garage as well? Consider upgrading your garage door opener to a model that can connect to your existing wifi signal in your house, enabling you to see when the door opens and closes, as well as access it remotely to make sure it is not accidentally left open.

Upgrade Your Garage Door

If you spend any time in your garage, you will quickly understand that the temperature fluctuates wildly with the weather outside. Adding insulation to your garage door can reduce this fluctuation by up to 30 degrees, making the area a more livable space. Other door upgrades include:

  • Steel doors
  • A bright color scheme
  • Weather resistant paint
  • Window additions

Contact Our Garage Experts

We hope these tips gave you some useful ideas on how to make better use of your garage space. If you need a garage overhaul, consider calling the garage professionals at Blue Sky Builders. We have 39 years of experience building custom garages for local families. Let us help you make the most of your investment in your home. Contact us today at 630-852-8485 to find out how we can help you. Feel free to check out our gallery for inspiration.

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