Choosing Between Garage Expansion and Reorganization

Blue Sky Builders expand or reorganize garageAre you losing the battle for the necessary space in your garage? You are not alone. Recently, in a survey of more than 1,000 participants, more than half admitted this area is by far the most disorganized space in their home, leaving many of them yearning for added room.

Multiple factors go into deciding whether you want to add square footage to your garage. The option requires a reasonable amount of time, patience, and planning, but has the potential to increase the overall value and enjoyability of your home. However, a reorganization solution eliminates any potential pitfalls associated with an expansion, such as pricing, complicated logistics, reduction of yard space, and noise complaints. Consider the following factors when determining if a garage expansion is an ideal choice for your family:

Increasing Property Value Versus the Cost of the Project

If cost is the main objection preventing you from a garage expansion, consider the added value to your home. In studies across the country, households with a garage consistently sell faster than their garageless counterparts, even in slow housing markets. Additionally, buyers typically choose a house with a bigger garage, if all other factors remain comparable.

Perhaps the future salability of your home is not a high consideration for you, and you only need the space to be more suitable for your current situation. A simple and relatively inexpensive reorganization may serve the right purpose. Useful organizational tools include:

  • Overhead storage
  • Car lift
  • Cabinetry

Every Penny Counts

More goes into the cost of a garage expansion than one might initially suspect. Garage renovations become as extravagant or minimal as you would like, which creates a dramatic price difference. The most influential factors in the expense include:

  • Permit prices
  • Labor rates
  • Cost of Materials
  • Additional features, such as plumbing or electrical

Do Not Attempt to Save Money By Doing it Yourself

The garage is a multi-purpose area. Sometimes, you need more space than a reorganization or decluttering project would offer. If expansion is the right option for you, do yourself a favor and do not attempt to do it yourself. According to, 40% of homeowners wind up regretting choosing to do a do-it-yourself project for their home. Especially in a garage renovation, inexperienced DIYers risk severe injuries, or worse. Additionally, without proper training and permits, there is an increased risk that the new structure or alterations will cost more in the future if they need to be modified or removed to comply with zoning laws.

Contact Our Experienced Chicagoland Garage Builders

At Blue Sky Builders, our garage design experts have the necessary training and experience to not only make your dreams a reality, but we can also help brainstorm functional solutions that you may not have considered. If you are weighing your options between reorganization and garage expansion, Blue Sky Builders can help. We have over 39 years of experience creating ideal results for unique garage needs. Please contact us at 630-852-8485. To check out our work, please visit our gallery.

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