Why Are Garage Gutters So Important?

Blue Sky Builders garage gutter maintenanceThe family home is often one of the largest investments families make, commonly taking thirty years to repay the mortgage. While you perform preventative maintenance on your home to protect your investment, do not neglect to apply these same measures to your garage, as it is a considerable portion of the whole investment and endures as much usage and element exposure as the remainder of the home.

Homeowners commonly install gutters for the convenience they provide. Aside from allowing your family a dry route to the front door in a rainstorm, gutters perform many home-saving functions, including:

Mold Prevention

With each rainfall, water drenches your home, potentially wreaking havoc on your house and garage. Regardless of your home’s construction, the exterior is susceptible to unsightly and hazardous damage. With the addition of water, minor imperfections caused by settling and time become breeding grounds for mold, bacteria, and other health hazards. Even the tight seal at the bottom of your garage door can become an entrance for unwanted water. Gutters guide water away from your home and your garage, lessening its damaging effects.

Landscaping Preservation

If you take the time, effort, and money to improve the landscaping of your home, you will find that gutters will are the best way to keep the area around your house fresh and appealing. A garage and house without gutters allow the water to run off the roof directly onto whatever lies below (i.e., your freshly-planted garden). Preserve your work and prevent erosion by redirecting water to other useful areas. Consider collecting the rainwater from the gutters into a collection container and using it to gently water those plants instead.

Maintain Your Foundation

When water continually falls off of the roof into the same location, your home acquires what is known as a “trench line.” A trench line around the house worsens over time, pushing soil away from the garage and home and eventually seeping into the foundation of the structure. Water infiltration eats away at the foundation, weakening it, which ultimately will lead to expensive garage repairs. Gutters lessen the effects of this settling, preventing potentially catastrophic cracking in both the garage and the driveway.

Contact a Garage Specialist

It is important to take preventative measures to maintain your home, including your garage. Whether you use your garage as added storage or as an additional room, it is a significant portion of your investment that should be protected along with the central living area. If you need to repair or replace your garage’s gutters, or if you are interested in making other improvements, Blue Sky Builders offers free garage estimates upon request. Contact us or call us at 630-852-8485. To see the types of garages we have built, please view our garage gallery.

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