Turning Your Chicago Area Garage into A Personal Gym

Turning-Your-Chicago-Area-Garage-into-A-Personal-GymAs the new year winds up, many of us make goals and resolutions to get in better shape. But if you are not a member of a gym already, it may be uncomfortable or inconvenient to get to a gym often. One solution is to convert a room in your home into a personal gym or workout room. However, if you do not have the space in your house, the garage provides an ideal spot for you to set up. Blue Sky Builders is here to provide you with a few ideas on how to turn your garage into the ideal workout space for you!

What Should I Consider Before Starting?

There are a couple of points to consider before you jump head-first into the project:

How Large is the Garage?

Having a two-car garage with usage from only one vehicle can be a perfect place to start building your home gym. Any unoccupied space by a car or tools can be cleared out and optimized to fit benches, dumbbell racks, and machines used for cardio such as a treadmill or a rowing machine.

What Are My Goals?

Establishing what you want to accomplish will help you figure out your needs. If you are looking to gain muscle, then you will need to look into free weights, barbells with plates, or more substantial units such as a leg press or a cable machine. If you are more interested in cardio or yoga, you will need items more geared toward those needs such as yoga mats, elastic bands, and a treadmill.

What Changes Must Be Made?

Assess  your garage and ask yourself if any renovations are needed. Adding in heat or air conditioning is possible and may be desired considering cold winters and hot summers. Adding in new lighting or windows for more natural light can help motivate you. If you are planning on bringing in a lot of miscellaneous equipment, it could be a good idea to upgrade your storage options as well.

Making the Change

Starting from the ground up may be the best way to approach the change. Make sure your floor is what you want and then plan your layout before bringing in the equipment. Add in your fans, mirrors, windows, and perhaps some speakers for music. Keep in mind that not all of it needs to happen at once. Just like getting in shape, progress takes time. Any incremental progress is still progress –– so do not get discouraged.

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